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Rev: ChangeLog:1.114
Rev: NEWS:1.27
parent 620cb5f4
1999-10-25 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/werror.c (set_error_syslog): Call openlog(). Added id
* src/lshd.c (main): Daemonization support and options.
* src/ (liblsh_a_SOURCES): Added daemon.c.
(EXTRA_DIST): Removed mempcpy.h and strndup.h.
* Bumped version to 0.1.14.
1999-10-24 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/werror.c (werror_vformat): Added %a format specifier.
News for the lsh-0.1.14 release
First try on daemonization support.
Better tracing; try --trace to get some more information than
with -v, but without all the boring information generated by
Generally nicer options and help mesasges, thanks to argp.
Better handling of i/o exceptions. lshd should no longer crash
when connections behave unexpectedly.
News for the lsh-0.1.12 release
Tried to fix bugs related to channel close. In the process,
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