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Added question on the relationship between lsh and openssh.

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× Out of curiosity, what's the relationship between LSH and OpenSSH?
They are almost completely unrelated. LSH development started in late
August 1998, soon after the first specifications for the version 2 of
the SSH protocols were made public. OpenSSH is derived from the old
free versions of the ssh program written by Tatu Ylonen, and support
for version 2 of the protocols was added later on, in May 2000.
I think the implementations share very little source code; perhaps
things like the implementations of blowfish or SHA1 has common
ancestors. OpenSSH uses the OpenSSL library for low-level
cryptographic operations. LSH uses its own library for symmetric
cryptographic operations, and GMP for its bignum calculations.
OpenSSH supports version 1 of the protocols, and it supports RSA keys.
LSH don't (RSA support will be added as the patents expire).
LSH and OpenSSH seems to interoperate fine over the wire with
eachother and with other implementations of ssh version 2. The file
formats and conventions for storing keys on disk are not compatible,
but conversion tools are on the LSH todo-list.
× Why use a gc?
I'll try to explain how I think about gc, as I'm afraid some may find
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