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Rev: ChangeLog:1.782
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2004-06-09 Niels Mller <>
* src/testsuite/fake-sshd1, src/testsuite/ssh1-fallback-test:
Deleted files.
* src/version.h (SSH1_SERVER_PROTOCOL_VERSION): Deleted.
* src/ (liblsh_a_SOURCES): Removed ssh1_fallback.c.
* src/lshd.c: Removed the ssh1-fallback option.
* src/handshake.c (do_line): Made the server disallow banner lines
from clients.
* Deleted option --with-sshd1.
* src/io.c (io_set_blocking): Deleted function.
* src/handshake.c (connection_line_handler): Deleted fd and
fallback attributes.
(make_connection_read_line): Deleted fd and fallback arguments.
(make_handshake_info): Deleted fallback argument. Updated callers.
(do_line): Deleted ssh1-fallback handling.
* src/ssh1_fallback.h, src/ssh1_fallback.c: Deleted file.
* src/handshake.h (handshake_info): Deleted fallback attribute.
* doc/lsh.texinfo (Invoking lshd): Deleted --ssh1-fallback.
* src/keyexchange.c (KEXINIT_MAX_ALGORITMS): Increased limit to
(parse_kexinit): Deleted code handling of
* src/handshake.c (compat_peer_flags): #if:ed out function.
* src/connection.h (enum peer_flags): Deleted constants.
* Deleted option --disable-datafellows-workarounds.
* src/proxy_x11forward.c (do_proxy_open_x11): Deleted code
handling PEER_X11_OPEN_KLUDGE.
2004-06-08 Niels Mller <>
* src/client.c (client_prepend_action): New function.
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