Commit 9805d2c2 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/interact.h (window_change_callback): New class.

(abstract_interact): Replaced the window_change method with to
methods, window_size and window_change_subscribe.

Rev: src/interact.h:1.3
parent dd4b8358
......@@ -28,34 +28,63 @@
#include "lsh.h"
/* Abstract class defining methods needed to comminucate with the
user's terminal. */
/* Forward declaration */
struct abstract_interact;
struct terminal_dimensions;
#include "interact.h.x"
/* Abstract class defining methods needed to communicate with the
* user's terminal. */
struct terminal_dimensions
UINT32 char_width;
UINT32 char_height;
UINT32 pixel_width;
UINT32 pixel_heght;
UINT32 pixel_height;
/* GABA:
(name window_change_callback)
(f method void "struct abstract_interact *i")))
#define WINDOW_CHANGE_CALLBACK(c, i) ((c)->f((c), (i)))
/* GABA:
(name abstract_interact)
(is_tty method int)
; (read_line method int "UINT32 size" "UINT8 *buffer")
(read_password method string
(read_password method (string)
"UINT32 max_length"
"struct lsh_string *prompt"
"int free")
(yes_or_no method int
"struct lsh_string *prompt"
"int def" "int free")
(window_change method int
"struct terminal_dimensions *d")))
(window_size method int "struct terminal_dimensions *")
(window_change_subscribe method (object resource)
"struct window_change_callback *callback")))
#define INTERACT_IS_TTY(i) \
#define INTERACT_READ_PASSWORD(i, l, p, f) \
((i)->read_password((i), (l), (p), (f)))
#define INTERACT_YES_OR_NO(i, p, d, f) \
((i)->yes_or_no((i), (p), (d), (f)))
#define INTERACT_WINDOW_SIZE(i, d) \
((i)->window_size((i), (d)))
((i)->window_change_subscribe((i), (c)))
extern int tty_fd;
int lsh_open_tty(void);
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