Commit 99c2483a authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Deleted old spki implementation.

Rev: src/spki.h:1.27
parent 9abb167c
......@@ -29,27 +29,15 @@
#include "alist.h"
#include "publickey_crypto.h"
#include <time.h>
/* Needed by spki.h.x */
/* SPKI validity. No online validity tests supported. */
struct spki_validity
char before_limit; /* Nonzero if not_before was supplied */
char after_limit; /* Nonzero if not_after was supplied */
time_t not_before;
time_t not_after;
#include "spki/certificate.h"
struct spki_5_tuple;
#include <time.h>
#include "spki.h.x"
# include "spki.h.x"
int spki_get_type(struct sexp_iterator *i);
struct lsh_string *
make_ssh_hostkey_tag(struct address_info *host);
......@@ -72,29 +60,6 @@ spki_hash_data(const struct hash_algorithm *algorithm,
int algorithm_name,
UINT32 length, UINT8 *data);
/* At a point in time, not all fields are known; fields may be added
* later, or computed as needed. This information is not automatically
* trusted in any way, except that any non-NULL attributes must be
* consistent with each other. */
/* GABA:
(name spki_subject)
; (public-key ...) expression.
(key string)
; Verifier
(verifier object verifier)
(sha1 const string)
(md5 const string)))
struct spki_subject *
make_spki_subject(struct sexp_iterator *key,
struct verifier *verifier,
const struct lsh_string *sha1,
const struct lsh_string *md5);
/* Keeps track of spki_subjects and their keys.
......@@ -102,99 +67,44 @@ make_spki_subject(struct sexp_iterator *key,
* compared pointer-wise. I.e. if we get several (public-key ...) and
* (hash ...) expressions representing the same principal, we merge
* them into a single spki_subject object. However, there is one case
* in which this fails: If we encounter several (hash ...)
* expressions with different hash algorithms, before we encounter the
* non-hashed (public-key ...) expression. */
* in which the simple method fails: If we encounter several (hash
* ...) expressions with different hash algorithms, before we
* encounter the non-hashed (public-key ...) expression. So we must
* use use spki_principal_normalize when comparing principals. */
/* GABA:
(name spki_context)
; Looks up a public-key or hash.
(lookup method (object spki_subject)
"struct sexp_iterator *i"
; If non-NULL, use this verifier for
; the subject. Useful for non-SPKI keys.
"struct verifier *v")
(add_tuple method void
"struct spki_5_tuple *tuple")
(authorize method int
"struct spki_subject *subject"
"const struct lsh_string *access")))
;; (clone method (object spki_context))))
;; Available public key algorithms
(algorithms object alist)
;; We use the spki_principal struct defined by libskpi,
;; and cache verifier objects in its verifier field.
;; So we must traverse the list at gc time.
(db indirect-special "struct spki_acl_db"
do_spki_acl_db_mark do_spki_acl_db_free)))
#define SPKI_LOOKUP(c, e, v) ((c)->lookup((c), (e), (v)))
#define SPKI_ADD_TUPLE(c, t) ((c)->add_tuple((c), ((t))))
#define SPKI_AUTHORIZE(c, s, a) ((c)->authorize((c), (s), (a)))
struct spki_principal *
spki_lookup(struct spki_context *self,
unsigned length,
const uint8_t *key,
/* If non-NULL, use this verifier for
the subject. Useful for non-SPKI keys. */
struct verifier *v);
spki_authorize(struct spki_context *self,
struct spki_principal *subject,
time_t t,
/* A tag expression */
struct lsh_string *access);
struct spki_context *
make_spki_context(struct alist *algorithms);
/* 5-tuples */
#define SPKI_TAG_ATOM 1
#define SPKI_TAG_LIST 2
#define SPKI_TAG_SET 3
#define SPKI_TAG_ANY 5
/* GABA:
(name spki_tag)
; Explicit type field is needed only for computing
; intersections
(type . int)
; Returns true iff the resources described by the tag
; include the resource described by the sexp.
(match method int "struct sexp_iterator *")))
#define SPKI_TAG_TYPE(t) ((t)->type)
#define SPKI_TAG_MATCH(t, e) ((t)->match((t), (e)))
/* The data in a 5-tuple is always trusted, to the extent a non-NULL
* issuer field implies that the tuple was derived from a certificate
* that was properly signed by that issuer. However, no trust in the
* issuer is assumed. */
/* GABA:
(name spki_5_tuple)
; Principal
(issuer object spki_subject)
; Principal (n-to-k not yet supported)
(subject object spki_subject)
; Non-zero to allow delegation
(propagate . int)
; Authorization, (tag ...) expression
(authorization object spki_tag)
; Validity period
(validity . "struct spki_validity")))
struct spki_5_tuple *
make_spki_5_tuple(struct spki_subject *issuer,
struct spki_subject *subject,
int propagate,
struct spki_tag *authorization,
int before_limit, time_t not_before,
int after_limit, time_t not_after);
struct spki_tag *
spki_sexp_to_tag(struct sexp_iterator *i,
/* Some limit on the recursion */
unsigned limit);
struct spki_5_tuple *
spki_acl_entry_to_5_tuple(struct spki_context *ctx,
struct sexp_iterator *i);
spki_add_acl(struct spki_context *ctx,
struct sexp_iterator *i);
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