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* src/publickey_crypto.h (abstract_group): Added methods GROUP_ADD

and GROUP_SUBTRACT, that are defined only for groups that happens
to have some extra structure.

Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.36
parent ede42e51
......@@ -123,17 +123,29 @@ make_rsa_algorithm(struct hash_algorithm *hash,
(order bignum)
(generator bignum)
;; We should have a generator here, as we always work within some
;; cyclic subgroup.
;; Checks if a bignum is in the correct range for being a group element.
(range method int "mpz_t x")
; (member method int "mpz_t x")
(invert method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t x")
(combine method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t a" "mpz_t b")
; This provides operations G x G -> G that is unrelated to the
; group operation above. It is needed by SRP. For the group Z/n,
; it can simply be ring addition and subtraction.
; The operations may fail (for instance if the result is
; zero, which is not a member of the multiplicative group). In
; that case, the method returns zero.
(add method int "mpz_t res" "mpz_t a" "mpz_t b")
(subtract method int "mpz_t res" "mpz_t a" "mpz_t b")
; FIXME: Doesn't handle negative exponents
(power method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t g" "mpz_t e")
(small_power method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t g" "UINT32 e")))
(small_power method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t g" "UINT32 e"))) */
#define GROUP_RANGE(group, x) ((group)->range((group), (x)))
#define GROUP_INVERT(group, res, x) ((group)->invert((group), (res), (x)))
......@@ -143,28 +155,43 @@ make_rsa_algorithm(struct hash_algorithm *hash,
((group)->power((group), (res), (g), (e)))
#define GROUP_SMALL_POWER(group, res, g, e) \
((group)->small_power((group), (res), (g), (e)))
#define GROUP_ADD(group, res, a, b) \
((group)->add((group), (res), (a), (b)))
#define GROUP_SUBTRACT(group, res, a, b) \
((group)->subtract((group), (res), (a), (b)))
/* Groups */
/* GABA:
struct abstract_group *
make_group_zn(mpz_t p, mpz_t g, mpz_t order);
struct abstract_group *
make_ring_zn(mpz_t p, mpz_t g);
/* NOTE: The object system is not powerful enough for a proper ring
* class, as we would like
* abstract_ring inherits abstract_group,
* group_zn inherits abstract_group
* ring_zn inherits abstract_ring, group_zn
* and we don't have multiple inheritance.
/* ;; GABA:
(name group_zn)
(name abstract_ring)
; The group refers to the multiplicative group.
; For SRP, the generator should generate the entire group.
(super abstract_group)
(modulo bignum)))
(add method void "mpz_t res" "mpz_t a" "mpz_t b")))
struct group_zn *
make_zn(mpz_t p, mpz_t g, mpz_t order);
struct abstract_group *
zn_ring_add(struct abstract_group *s,
mpz_t res, mpz_t a, mpz_t b);
zn_ring_subtract(struct abstract_group *s,
mpz_t res, mpz_t a, mpz_t b);
struct abstract_group *
/* DH key exchange, with authentication */
/* GABA:
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