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Rev: FAQ:1.4
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......@@ -12,13 +12,19 @@ ancestors. OpenSSH uses the OpenSSL library for low-level
cryptographic operations. LSH uses its own library for symmetric
cryptographic operations, and GMP for its bignum calculations.
OpenSSH supports version 1 of the protocols, and it supports RSA keys.
LSH don't (RSA support will be added as the patents expire).
OpenSSH supports both version 1 and version 2 of the protocols, and
supports RSA and DSA keys. LSH only supports version 2 of the protocol
with DSA keys because of the RSA patent.
LSH and OpenSSH seems to interoperate fine over the wire with
eachother and with other implementations of ssh version 2. The file
formats and conventions for storing keys on disk are not compatible,
but conversion tools are on the LSH todo-list.
It is illegal in the United States to use RSA without paying for a
license. The RSA patents expire [EXACT DATE SHOULD GO HERE] September,
2000. As these expire, LSH will add RSA support.
LSH and OpenSSH have been tested together with positive results. LSH
and OpenSSH use different file formats for storing DSA keys, and a
conversion tool is on the LSH todo-list.
[Faq entry heavily modified: Jeff Bailey <>]
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