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Rev: NEWS:1.3
Rev: src/
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NEWS for the 1998-12-21 snapshot:
Moved most objects in crypto.c and abstract_crypto.c into separate
Added a workaround for Datafellows ssh2 client, which (contrary to the
specification) asks for protocol version 1.99.
Use /dev/urandom, if available.
Collect most object files into liblsh.a.
Started on a key generation program.
TASKLIST and NOTES files now included in the snapshot.
NEWS since the 1998-12-17 snapshot:
Support for md5 (by Balazs Scheidler).
......@@ -74,8 +74,9 @@ lshd_DEPENDENCIES = @LIBOBJS@ symmetric liblsh.a
(cd lib && $(MAKE) libsymmetric.a)
EXTRA_DIST = process_atoms make_class $(generated_sources) HACKING \
$(cvs_headers) $(dist_x_files) make_am
EXTRA_DIST = process_atoms make_class $(generated_sources) \
$(cvs_headers) $(dist_x_files) make_am \
# Class files
# SUFFIXES = .xh .xc
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