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News entry for 2.0.3.

Rev: NEWS:1.126
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News for the 2.0.3 release
At startup, lshd now tries to close any spurious open file
descriptors. New test case for lshd fd leakage.
lshd --daemonic --no-syslog now sets up a proper daemonic
environment, except that log messages are still sent to
stderr. Improved testing of this feature.
News for the 2.0.2 release
Fixed a couple of problems in lshd, where the server process
......@@ -17,7 +26,7 @@ News for the 2.0.1 release
Fixed a bug in lsh-make-seed, which could make the program go
into an infinite loop on read errors.
lsh now asks for passwords also in quite (-q) mode, as
lsh now asks for passwords also in quiet (-q) mode, as
described in the manual.
Control character filtering used to sometimes consider newline
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