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Rev: ChangeLog:1.337
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2001-04-04 Niels Mller <>
* src/client.c, src/client_keyexchange.c, src/client_userauth.c,
src/debug.c, src/disconnect.c, src/proxy.c,
src/proxy_x11forward.c, src/server.c, src/server_keyexchange.c,
src/server_userauth.c: Packet handlers should no longer free
* src/xalloc.c (number_of_strings): Define only if DEBUG_ALLOC.
(lsh_string_alloc): NUL-terminate strings, for simplicity.
(lsh_string_free): Check that string is still NUL-terminated.
* src/werror.c (program_name): New variable.
(werror_argp_parser): Initialize program_name.
(werror_vformat): Prefix messages with program_name.
(werror_vformat): Simplified code in 'z' case.
* src/proxy_userauth.c (do_forward_success): dup packet before
forwarding it.
Packet handlers should no longer free packets.
* src/channel.c (RETURN, END): Deleted macros.
Packet handlers should no longer free packets.
* src/keyexchange.c (do_handle_kexinit): dup packet when storing
it in the connection struct.
(do_handle_newkeys): Packet handlers should no longer free packets.
* src/write_buffer.c (make_write_buffer): Renamed
write_buffer_alloc to make_write_buffer. Updated callers.
* src/gc.c (gc_final): Check number_of_objects and
* src/connection.c (connection_handle_packet): Always free the
packet here. Packet handlers no longer needs to do that.
(connection_handle_packet): Accept SSH_MSG_IGNORE and
* Bumped version to 1.3.
* lsh-1.2 released.
* distribution-key.gpg: Updated key, more signatures and later
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