Commit b6730a37 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* tools/sexp-conv.c (sexp_convert_string): Deleted function.

(sexp_skip_token): Likewise.

* tools/sexp-conv.c (enum sexp_token): New constant SEXP_DISPLAY.
Start constants from 1, to keep 0 free for special uses.
(struct sexp_parse_state): New struct for keeping track of parser
(sexp_parse_init): New function.
(sexp_check_token): New function, replacing sexp_skip_token.
(sexp_parse): New function.
(sexp_convert_item): Simplified by using sexp_parse.
(sexp_convert_list): Use sexp_parse.
(main): Likewise.

Rev: src/nettle/tools/sexp-conv.c:1.8
parent 9becaa0c
......@@ -968,36 +968,12 @@ sexp_put_digest(struct sexp_output *output)
/* Conversion functions. */
#if 0
static void
sexp_convert_string(struct sexp_input *input, enum sexp_mode mode_in,
struct sexp_output *output, enum sexp_mode mode_out)
sexp_get_token(input, mode_in);
if (input->token == SEXP_STRING)
sexp_put_string(output, mode_out, &input->string);
die("Invalid string.\n");
static void
sexp_convert_list(struct sexp_input *input, struct sexp_parse_state *parser,
struct sexp_output *output, enum sexp_mode mode_out,
unsigned indent);
#if 0
static void
sexp_skip_token(struct sexp_input *input, enum sexp_mode mode,
enum sexp_token token)
sexp_get_token(input, mode);
if (input->token != token)
die("Syntax error.\n");
/* Should be called with input->token being the first token of the
* expression, to be converted, and return with input->token being the
* last token of the expression. */
......@@ -1040,19 +1016,6 @@ sexp_convert_item(struct sexp_input *input, struct sexp_parse_state *parser,
sexp_put_string(output, mode_out, &input->string);
#if 0
if (mode_in == SEXP_CANONICAL)
die("Base64 not allowed in canonical mode.\n");
sexp_get_token(input, SEXP_CANONICAL);
sexp_convert_item(input, SEXP_CANONICAL, output, mode_out, indent);
sexp_skip_token(input, SEXP_CANONICAL, SEXP_CODING_END);
/* Internal error */
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