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Rev: ChangeLog:1.9
Rev: NEWS:1.1
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Thu Dec 17 16:27:22 1998 <nisse@puck>
* server.c (make_process_resource): New function.
(server_die): Kill resources associated with the connection.
(do_close): New callback function till kill the process if the
channel is closed unexpectedly.
server.c (do_exit_shell): Don't close the process's stdin, or the
channel, until the client asks for it.
* server.c (make_server_close_handler): Take connection as
Wed Dec 16 01:33:25 1998 <nisse@puck>
* resource.h, resource.c: New files.
* channel.h (CHANNEL_CLOSE_AT_EOF): This flag now means that
the channel should be closed when EOF have been both sent and
* channel.c (channel_eof): New meaning of CHANNEL_CLOSE_AT_EOF
* client.c (do_exit_status): Send eof, if we haven't done that
* channel.c (do_channel_eof): Don't initiate close automatically
when eof has been both sent and recieved.
when eof has been both sent and received.
* list.c (make_int_listv): New function
(make_object_listv): New function
NEWS since the 1998-12-11 snapshot:
A resource mechanism (resource.[ch]) used by the server to cleanup
properly when a connection dies unexpectedly. Can be used to kill
child processes, close files and ports, etc.
Generic code for chaining ciphers (crypto_cbc()) and piping them
together (crypto_cascade()).
Some untested support for blowfish and 3DES. A -c command line option
is needed.
A few bugfixes. Thanks to J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) and Balazs Scheidler.
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