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Rev: ChangeLog:1.206
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2000-06-01 Niels Möller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain> 2000-06-01 Niels Möller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/srp-gen.c (main_argp_parser): By default, use transport
syntax when writing to stdout, and canonical syntax when writing
to a file.
* src/server_session.c (do_open_session): assert() that
connection->user is non-NULL.
* src/lshd.c (lshd_connection_service): Use
(main): Allow user's to request ssh-connection service without
first executing the ssh-userauth protocol. This makes sense if SRP
was used for key exchange. lshd_connection_service checks that the
user is properly authenticated before actually starting the
* src/lsh.c (lsh_options): New attributes with_userauth and service.
(options2service): New command.
(make_lsh_userauth): New expression.
(make_lsh_connect): Use options2service.
(main_options): New flags --publickey, --userauth, --no-userauth.
(CASE_FLAG): New macro.
(main_argp_parser): Implemented --userauth and --no-userauth
options, with defaults depending on whether or not SRP is being
Use the CASE_FLAG macro.
(request_userauth_service): New global command object.
(request_connection_service): New global command object.
* src/connection_commands.c (connection_require_userauth): New command.
(make_connection_if_srp): New function.
* src/connection.h (CONNECTION_SRP): New constant.
* src/client_keyexchange.c (do_srp_client_proof_handler): Set
* src/server_keyexchange.c (do_srp_server_proof_handler):
* src/client.h (request_service): Moved class declaration here.
(do_request_service): Added prototype and made non-static.
* src/command, src/connection.c, src/exception.c, src/io.c,
src/keyexchange.c, src/keyexchange.h, src/lsh_keygen.c,
src/lshd.c, src/publickey_crypto.h, src/server_session.c,
src/server_userauth.c, src/server_userauth.h, src/sexp.c,
src/sexp_parser.c, src/spki.c, src/spki_commands.c,
src/srp_exchange.c, src/tcpforward.c, src/werror.c: Removed old
dead code.
* src/srp_exchange.c (srp_make_reply_msg): Check return value of * src/srp_exchange.c (srp_make_reply_msg): Check return value of
Use new SRP-related atoms. More debug output. Use new SRP-related atoms. More debug output.
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