Commit bf9bdeac authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* misc/make-am: New script, for generating the files

src/.dist_headers, src/.dist_classes and src/.dist_deps. Replaces
* make_am, src/used_headers, src/cvs_headers: Deleted files.

Rev: src/cvs_headers:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: src/used_headers:1.6(DEAD)
parent 04f78473
#! /bin/bash
# Extract the names of all header files in this directory (or the
# directory given on the command line) which are known to CVS.
if [ x$1 != x -a -d "$1" ]; then
cd $1
if [ -d CVS ]; then
sed -e 's%^/\([^/]*\.h\)/.*$%\1%' -e t -e d CVS/Entries | sort
#! /bin/bash
# Extracts the names of all header files mentioned in the dependency
# files. Headers with absolute paths are ignored, leading directories
# of relative file names are deleted.
if [ $# = 0 ]; then
echo Usage: $0 suffix directories...
exit 1
(for d in "$@"; do
if [ -d $d/.deps ]; then
cat $d/.deps/*.Po
done) | tr ' ' '\n' \
| grep `echo "$extension"'$' |sed 's/\./\\./'` \
| sed 's%^.*/\([^/]*\)$%\1%' \
| sort | uniq
# To ignore absolute paths, use the command grep '^[^/].*\.h$' above.
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