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Rev: src/sftp/ChangeLog:1.18
parent ef87a324
2002-03-25 Pontus Skld <>
* buffer.c (sftp_read_packet): Loop to read data.
(sftp_get_data): Likewise.
(sftp_write_packet): Loop to write data.
* sftp_c.c (sftp_ls_main): Check return values from
* sftp-test-client.c (fork_server): Use fds, not FILE*s.
* sftp-server.c (sftp_init): Use fds, not FILE*s.
(main): Use fds STDIN_FILENO and STDOUT_FILENO instead of FILE*s
stdin and stdout.
* buffer.c: We need unistd.h to have read and write defined. And
we want errno to, so we need errno.h
(sftp_make_input): Use fd, not FILE*
(sftp_make_output): Likewise.
* sftp_bind.c (lsftp_close_connection): Use fd_to_transport and
fd_from_transport instead of to_transport and from_transport.
putting options for before and after in CPPFLAGS. Solves problem
with spaces in before- and after-opts.
* sftp_bind.c (lsftp_open_connection): Dont't use FILE* but fds
(lsftp_handshake): Use read instead of fread, and pass fds to
sftp_make_input and sftp_make_output.
* buffer.c (struct sftp_input): Use fd instead of FILE*.
(struct sftp_output): Likewise.
(sftp_get_data): Use read instead of fread.
(sftp_read_packet): Likewise.
(sftp_write_packet): Use write instead of fwrite.
* buffer.h: Changed prototype of sftp_make_input and
sftp_make_output to use fds instead of files.
2002-03-24 Pontus Skld <>
* Added --no-pty to default options if we're using
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