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NEWS items for 1.5.4.

Rev: NEWS:1.117
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News for the 1.5.4 release
Added logging of tcpip-forward requests.
Includes nettle-1.9, which have had some portability fixes and
optimizations. In particular, arcfour on x86 should be much
Implemented flow control on the raw ssh connection. Enforce
limits on the amount of buffered data waiting to be written to
the socket.
Moved all destructive string operations to a separate file
lsh_string.c, which has exclusive rights of accessing string
internals. Should make the code more robust, as buffer size
and index calculations elsewhere in the code should hit an
assert in lsh_string.c before doing damage.
Some general simplification and cleanup of the code.
News for the 1.5.3 release
Fixed heap buffer overrun with potential remote root
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