Commit c17c25bd authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

* src/parse.c (parse_bignum): New argument LIMIT.

* src/sexp.c (sexp2bignum_u): Likewise.
(sexp_get_un): Likewise.

Rev: src/sexp.c:1.32
parent a7b82e00
......@@ -880,13 +880,17 @@ sexp2atom(struct sexp *e)
return s ? lookup_atom(s->length, s->data) : 0;
/* If limit is nonzero, at most that number of octets are allowed. */
sexp2bignum_u(struct sexp *e, mpz_t n)
sexp2bignum_u(struct sexp *e, mpz_t n, UINT32 limit)
struct lsh_string *s = sexp2string(e);
if (s)
if (limit && (s->length > limit))
return 0;
bignum_parse_u(n, s->length, s->data);
return 1;
......@@ -944,9 +948,9 @@ sexp_assq(struct sexp_iterator *i, int atom)
sexp_get_un(struct sexp_iterator *i, int atom, mpz_t n)
sexp_get_un(struct sexp_iterator *i, int atom, mpz_t n, UINT32 limit)
return sexp2bignum_u(sexp_assq(i, atom), n);
return sexp2bignum_u(sexp_assq(i, atom), n, limit);
/* Command line options */
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