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Rev: ChangeLog:1.316
Rev: doc/NOTES:1.11
parent f13042bd
2001-03-14 Niels Mller <>
* src/tcpforward.h (remote_port): Deleted c attribute.
* src/string_buffer.c (string_buffer_length): Deleted.
* src/spki_commands.h (make_spki_parse_key): Deleted.
* src/spki_commands.c (spki_read_acls_command): Deleted.
* src/sexp.h (sexp_iterator): Deleted set method.
(SEXP_SET): Deleted.
* src/sexp.c (do_nil_get): New function.
(do_nil_assoc): New function.
(do_nil_left): New function.
(do_nil_next): New function.
(make_iter_nil): New function.
(do_format_nil): New function.
(sexp_nil): New definition, that isn't a cons.
(do_vector_set): Deleted.
(sexp_iter_cons): deleted.
(do_cons_get): Deleted.
(do_cons_set): Deleted.
(do_cons_assoc): Deleted.
(do_cons_left): Deleted.
(do_cons_next): Deleted.
(make_iter_cons): Deleted.
(do_format_sexp_tail): Deleted.
(do_format_sexp_cons): Deleted.
(sexp_c): Deleted.
* src/server_session.h (make_server_connection_service): Deleted.
* src/proxy_userauth.c (do_userauth_proxy): Don't use
* src/lsh.c (do_lsh_default_handler): Don't use EXC_SERVICE.
* src/keyexchange.h (make_install_new_keys: Deleted.
* src/io_commands.c (collect_connect_port): Deleted.
(connect_with_port): Deleted.
* src/handshake.c: Adapted to change in collect_info_3.
* src/gateway.c (gateway): Disabled unused class.
* src/exception.c (dummy_exception): Deleted.
* src/digits.c (simple_decode_base64): Deleted.
* src/command.h (collect_info_4): Deleted.
* src/combinators.c: Adapted to change in collect_info_3.
* src/command.c (do_collect_4): Deleted.
(make_collect_state_3): Deleted.
(make_once_continuation): Deleted.
(make_catch_report_collect_body): Deleted.
(collect_state_2): Deleted attribute next.
* src/client.c (make_client_options): Deleted, as it wasn't used.
* src/channel_commands.h (channel_command): Deleted, it wasn't
* src/channel.h: Deleted old code (CONNECTION_START and
* src/alist.h: Deleted ALIST_KEYS.
2001-03-13 Niels Mller <>
* src/dsa_keygen.h, src/packet_ignore.c, src/packet_ignore.h,
src/password.c, src/password.h, src/proxy_channel.h,
src/session.c, src/session.h:Removed obsolete files.
2001-03-12 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* Bumped version to 1.1.8.
......@@ -89,8 +89,7 @@ session, are even more subtle. The basic rules are:
2. When SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EOF is both sent and received,
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_CLOSE is sent. This is a rule with a few
exceptions, controlled by the CHANNEL_CLOSE_AT_EOF, see below.
gatewaying channels).
exceptions, controlled by the CHANNEL_CLOSE_AT_EOF flag, see below.
These two rules are sufficient for most channel types.
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