Commit c1d029d1 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/connection.h (ssh_connection): Renamed attribute busy to

paused. New attribute pending.

* src/connection.c (connection_handle_packet): New function, doing
the work of the previous handle_connectino function().
(connection_handle_pending): New function.
(do_handle_connection): New function.
(do_exc_connection_handler): Renamed (was
do_exc_protocol_exception), and handle EXC_PAUSE_CONNECTION and
(make_exc_connection_handler): Renamed as well.
(connection_lock): Raise EXC_PAUSE_CONNECTION.
(connection_unlock): Raise EXC_PAUSE_START_CONNECTION.

Rev: src/connection.c:1.57
Rev: src/connection.h:1.54
parent ee4d92b7
......@@ -50,20 +50,12 @@ const char *packet_types[0x100] =
static void
handle_connection(struct abstract_write *w,
struct lsh_string *packet)
connection_handle_packet(struct ssh_connection *closure,
struct lsh_string *packet)
CAST(ssh_connection, closure, w);
UINT8 msg;
if (closure->busy)
werror("connection.c: Internal error: connection busy. Disconnecting!\n");
"Internal error."));
if (!packet->length)
......@@ -131,6 +123,33 @@ handle_connection(struct abstract_write *w,
HANDLE_PACKET(closure->dispatch[msg], closure, packet);
static void
connection_handle_pending(struct ssh_connection *self)
while (!self->paused && !string_queue_is_empty(&self->pending))
connection_handle_packet(self, string_queue_remove_head(&self->pending));
/* Deal with pausing of the connection. */
static void
do_handle_connection(struct abstract_write *w,
struct lsh_string *packet)
CAST(ssh_connection, self, w);
if (self->paused)
string_queue_add_tail(&self->pending, packet);
else if (string_queue_is_empty(&self->pending))
connection_handle_packet(self, packet);
string_queue_add_tail(&self->pending, packet);
static void
do_fail(struct packet_handler *closure UNUSED,
struct ssh_connection *connection,
......@@ -166,17 +185,18 @@ static struct packet_handler unimplemented_handler =
/* GABA:
(name exc_protocol_handler)
(name exc_connection_handler)
(super exception_handler)
(backend object io_backend)
(connection object ssh_connection)))
static void
do_exc_protocol_handler(struct exception_handler *s,
const struct exception *e)
do_exc_connection_handler(struct exception_handler *s,
const struct exception *e)
CAST(exc_protocol_handler, self, s);
CAST(exc_connection_handler, self, s);
switch (e->type)
......@@ -190,20 +210,45 @@ do_exc_protocol_handler(struct exception_handler *s,
self->connection->paused = 1;
make_simple_exception(EXC_PAUSE_READ, "locking connection."));
/* NOTE: Raising EXC_PAUSE_START_READ will not by itself make
* the connection start processing pending packets. Not until
* the peer sends us more data.
* So any code that raises EXC_PAUSE_START_CONNECTION should
* also call connection_handle_pending() at a safe place. We
* can't call it here, as we may be in the middle of the
* handling of a packet. Installing a callout would be best. */
make_simple_exception(EXC_PAUSE_START_READ, "unlocking connection."));
self->connection->paused = 0;
EXCEPTION_RAISE(self->super.parent, e);
struct exception_handler *
make_exc_protocol_handler(struct ssh_connection *connection,
static struct exception_handler *
make_exc_connection_handler(struct ssh_connection *connection,
struct exception_handler *parent,
const char *context)
NEW(exc_protocol_handler, self);
NEW(exc_connection_handler, self);
self->super.parent = parent;
self->super.raise = do_exc_protocol_handler;
self->super.raise = do_exc_connection_handler;
self->super.context = context;
self->connection = connection;
......@@ -226,10 +271,10 @@ make_ssh_connection(UINT32 flags,
connection->peer = peer;
connection->debug_comment = debug_comment;
connection->super.write = handle_connection;
connection->super.write = do_handle_connection;
/* Exception handler that sends a proper disconnect message on protocol errors */
connection->e = make_exc_protocol_handler(connection, e, HANDLER_CONTEXT);
connection->e = make_exc_connection_handler(connection, e, HANDLER_CONTEXT);
connection->established = c;
......@@ -251,7 +296,8 @@ make_ssh_connection(UINT32 flags,
connection->send_mac = NULL;
connection->send_crypto = NULL;
connection->busy = 0;
connection->paused = 0;
connection->kex_state = KEX_STATE_INIT;
......@@ -336,23 +382,20 @@ void connection_init_io(struct ssh_connection *connection,
connection->send_compress = connection->rec_compress = NULL;
/* Serialization. Breaks if we ever return to the main loop with the
* connection locked.
* A better implementation should communicate with the packet source
* to stop reading packets while the connection is locked. Perhaps by
* raising appropriate exceptions, if we are to keep the connection
* code free from i/o.*/
/* Serialization. */
void connection_lock(struct ssh_connection *self)
self->busy = 1;
const struct exception pause
EXCEPTION_RAISE(self->e, &pause);
void connection_unlock(struct ssh_connection *self)
self->busy = 0;
const struct exception unpause
EXCEPTION_RAISE(self->e, &unpause);
......@@ -126,15 +126,10 @@
(send_compress object compress_instance)
; For operations that require serialization. In particular
; the server side of user authentication.
; the server side of user authentication.
; To handle this intelligently, we should stop reading from the
; socket, and/or put received packets on a wait queue.
; Currently, we don't do anything like that, we use this flag
; for sanity checks, and relies on the functions setting the flag
; to clear it before returning to the main loop.
(busy . int)
(paused . int)
(pending struct string_queue)
; Key exchange
(kex_state . int)
......@@ -172,10 +167,12 @@ make_ssh_connection(UINT32 flags,
struct command_continuation *c,
struct exception_handler *e);
#if 0
struct exception_handler *
make_exc_protocol_handler(struct ssh_connection *connection,
struct exception_handler *parent,
const char *context);
void connection_init_io(struct ssh_connection *connection,
struct abstract_write *raw,
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