Commit c4bcb6e8 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(channel_forward_start_io_read): Deleted

obsolete function.

Rev: src/channel_forward.c:
parent 15092d3a
......@@ -145,25 +145,6 @@ channel_forward_start_io(struct channel_forward *self)
channel_io_start_read(&self->super, &self->read, oop_read_socket);
#if 0
/* Like above, but doesn't install a new write buffer. Used by the socks server. */
channel_forward_start_io_read(struct channel_forward *channel)
channel->super.receive = do_channel_forward_receive;
channel->super.send_adjust = do_channel_forward_send_adjust;
channel->super.eof = do_channel_forward_eof;
/* Install callbacks on the local socket. Leave write callbacks alone */
/* Flow control */
channel->socket->write_buffer->report = &channel->super.super;
static void
do_channel_forward_event(struct ssh_channel *s, enum channel_event event)
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