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Rev: ChangeLog:1.145
Rev: NEWS:1.37
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2000-01-13 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Added distribution-key.gpg.
* Bumped version to 0.2.3.
2000-01-12 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/tcpforward.c (do_channel_open_direct_tcpip): Added type
News for the 0.2.3 release
Added lshd options --password, --no-password, --publickey and
--no-publickey, for configuring the set of supported userauth
Changes to the proxy program (Bazsi).
News for the 0.2.2 release
Bug fixes. Verbose messages on algorithm selection.
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