Commit d1054ed4 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

(Invoking lshd): Deleted --ssh1-fallback.

Rev: doc/lsh.texinfo:1.36
parent 4096f549
......@@ -1296,19 +1296,6 @@ Location of the server's private key file. By default,
Variant of the s-expression syntax to use when reading the host key.
Default is to use transport format. Not a terribly useful option.
@item --ssh1-fallback
This options enables fallback to @command{ssh1}. @command{lshd} doesn't
implement version 1 of the Secure Shell Protocol. But it can fork an
@command{ssh1} server when an old client connects. Falling back to
@command{ssh1} is inefficient, and requires some special features of the
server fallen back to. It should work with the @command{sshd} daemon
supplied with reasonably new versions of F-Secure's @command{sshd1},
and with OpenSSH.
The optional argument provides the filename of the ssh1 daemon to use.
The default name is @file{/usr/local/sbin/sshd1}, unless something else
was configured at compile time.
@item --daemonic
Enables daemonic mode. @command{lshd} forks into the background,
redirects its stdio file descriptors to @file{/dev/null}, changes its
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