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*** empty log message ***

Rev: ChangeLog:1.31
Rev: doc/TODO:1.29
parent 95b3ec6f
Mon Jan 11 15:35:02 1999 <nisse@puck>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add jpoll.c, jpoll.h, getopt.h,
getopt.c and getopt1.c to the distribution.
* io.c (get_inaddr): Check HAVE_INET_ATON.
Sun Jan 10 21:56:37 1999 <nisse@puck>
* lshd.c (usage): Improved message.
......@@ -28,9 +28,7 @@ KEYS
Code is needed to generate, store and read dss keys. Preferably in a
SPKI/s-expression form.
DSS == Digital Signature Standard; the algorithm in it is DSA (Digital
Signature Algorithm); the GNU Privacy Guard contains a DSA implementation
(cipher/dsa.[ch]); is that implementation suitable?
Check SPKI:s definitions of DSS keys, and make sure we are compatible.
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