Commit d44acd58 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(handshake_command): Allow a NULL lv->peer.

Rev: src/handshake.c:1.17
parent 690a422b
...@@ -332,12 +332,15 @@ DEFINE_COMMAND4(handshake_command) ...@@ -332,12 +332,15 @@ DEFINE_COMMAND4(handshake_command)
{ {
CAST(handshake_info, info, a1); CAST(handshake_info, info, a1);
CAST_SUBTYPE(make_kexinit, init, a2); CAST_SUBTYPE(make_kexinit, init, a2);
/* NOTE: For lsh, the lv from connect is mostly bogus, lv->peer is
* NULL */
CAST(listen_value, lv, a4); CAST(listen_value, lv, a4);
struct lsh_string *version; struct lsh_string *version;
struct ssh_connection *connection; struct ssh_connection *connection;
int mode = info->flags & CONNECTION_MODE; int mode = info->flags & CONNECTION_MODE;
if (lv->peer)
verbose("Initiating handshake with %S\n", lv->peer->ip); verbose("Initiating handshake with %S\n", lv->peer->ip);
switch (mode) switch (mode)
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