Commit e8721844 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* x86/aes-encrypt.asm (aes_encrypt): Use AES_STORE.

Rev: src/nettle/x86/aes-encrypt.asm:1.7
parent 58338157
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ C .Laes_got_t:
popl %ebx
popl %eax
C // S-box substitution
C S-box substitution
mov $4,%edi
movl %eax,%ebp
......@@ -228,21 +228,15 @@ C .Laes_got_t:
decl %edi
jnz .Lsubst
C .Laes_got_tlast:
xorl (%esi),%eax C add last key to plaintext
xorl 4(%esi),%ebx
xorl 8(%esi),%ecx
xorl 12(%esi),%edx
C .Laes_got_result:
C // store encrypted data back to caller's buffer
C Add last subkey, and store encrypted data
movl 28(%esp),%edi
movl %eax,(%edi)
movl %ebx,4(%edi)
movl %ecx,8(%edi)
movl %edx,12(%edi)
AES_STORE(%esi, %edi)
addl $16, 28(%esp) C Increment destination pointer
subl $16, 24(%esp)
subl $16, 24(%esp) C Length
C NOTE: Will loop forever if input data is not an
C integer number of blocks.
jnz .Lencrypt_block_loop
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