Commit ea4394f6 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* make_char_classes (make-char-classes): Use #ifdef to separate

the table from the #defines.

Rev: src/make_char_classes:1.3
parent 7decb8f9
......@@ -287,21 +287,28 @@
(let* ((classes (prepare-input input))
(roots (map cdr classes)))
(partition! roots)
(write-string "#ifdef CHAR_CLASSES_TABLE\n")
(write-string "int CHAR_CLASSES_TABLE[] =\n")
(let ((leafs (index-leafs! roots)))
(werror "~s disjunct classes found.\n" (length leafs))
(format #t "int char_classes[] = {\n ~a\n};\n\n"
(format #t
"{\n ~a\n};\n"
(implode ",\n "
(map (lambda (row)
(implode ", " (map bit->mask
(vector->list row))))
(vector->list (vector-split (build-char-table leafs)
(write-string "#else /* !CHAR_CLASSES_TABLE */\n")
(for-each (lambda (class)
(format #t "#define CHAR_~a (~a)\n"
(car class)
(implode " | " (map bit->mask (build-flags (cdr class))))))
(format #t "#define CHAR_other 1\n")))
(write-string "#define CHAR_other 1\n")
(write-string "#endif /* !CHAR_CLASSES_TABLE */\n")))
(define test-2-input
'((lower . "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")
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