Commit eb857077 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Deleted comment.

Rev: src/gateway.c:1.28
parent 9acac72b
......@@ -130,34 +130,6 @@ kill_gateway_connection(struct resource *s)
self->super.super.alive = 0;
/* FIXME: I don't think we do the right thing in all cases The
channels to the gateway client be killed right away. As for
the channels over the shareed connection, there are three
possible states:
1. The channel is fully open. Then call channel_close to close it.
2. The gateway client requested a CHANNEL_OPEN, which was
forwarded to the remote server, but then the gateway
client disappears before we get any reply from the server.
The we must respond to CHANNEL_OPEN_CONFIRMATION with
ignored. do_gateway_channel_event attempts to do this.
3. The server requested a CHANNEL_OPEN, which was forwarded,
and then the gateway client disappeared before replying. Then
we must send a CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE.
Maybe the right thing is to have the kill method of gatewayed
channels initiate close of the chained channel, taking these
three cases into account.
We need testcases, at least for case (1) which is the most
common situation, and which currently causes repeated warning
messages like "gateway_write_packet: Write failed: Bad file
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