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Rev: ChangeLog:1.156
Rev: NEWS:1.42
Rev: doc/TODO:1.70
Rev: src/resource.c:1.11
parent cd00de67
2000-02-07 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/tcpforward_commands.c (forward_local_port): Use
* src/io.c (io_iter): Use a double loop around the close logic, to
handle close-callbacks that close other files.
Changed shorter debug() messages to use trace() instead.
* src/connection_commands.c (connection_remember): New command.
2000-02-06 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* Bumped version to 0.2.8.
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ News for the 0.2.8 release
crash when requesting forwarding to a port that doesn't
Also close ports for local and remote forwarding properly.
Updated the proxy code.
News for the 0.2.7 release
......@@ -301,16 +301,12 @@ See if we can do without the "reason" argument to close callbacks.
Current bugs (Bazsi):
* 0.2.6 doesn't remember the listening socket of an -L option as a resource,
so when the connection is closed (logout from the shell), lsh hangs on the
listening socket, and connecting to it results in a segfault (most
probably because the connection struct had been freed by the gc)
* the client side of pty allocation request should catch exceptions.
(currently only a continuation is installed, no exception handler) In my
proxy patches I made this possible adding a struct exception_handler **e to
channel_request_command's format method.
static void do_free_zstream(z_stream *z)
/* FIXME: Let opaque be a pointer to a struct, as it is not portable
......@@ -320,3 +316,13 @@ static void do_free_zstream(z_stream *z)
Try to unify the handling of queued channel requests and global
Get rid of the double close loop in io_iter. Perhaps start using a
doubly linked list for fds? Add a backend-pointer to fd:s? Use an
extra stack of fds that should be closed?
If we add the backend field, the code for listen could also be
simplified, and perhaps we can get rid of the backend pointer in some
other places as well.
Exceptions from listen are handled badly in several places.
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ static void do_kill_all(struct resource *s)
for (n = self->q; n; )
CAST_SUBTYPE(resource, r, n->resource);
struct resource_node *old = n;
struct resource_node *old = n;
n = n->next;
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