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Rev: ChangeLog:1.10
Rev: NEWS:1.2
Rev: doc/TODO:1.20
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Fri Dec 18 01:53:22 1998 <nisse@puck>
* server.c (do_eof): Consider closing (if CHANNEL_SENT_EOF and
CHANNEL_CLOSE_AT_EOF are both set).
* keyexchange.c (make_test_kexinit): Added hmac-md5 to the list of
acepted mac algorithms.
* io.h (CLOSE_EOF): Changed the meaning of this constant. Now used
also for EOF on writing.
* io.c (prepare_write): Use the close_reason CLOSE_EOF when a
closed write_buffer has been flushed successfully.
* io.c (write_callback): Report EPIPE and other write failures
* crypto.c: Added md5 support by Balazs Scheidler.
* client.c (do_exit_status): Bugfix: Changed && to &.
* channel.c (channel_close_callback): Don't close channel when a
connected file is closed when we expect it.
* resource.c (do_free_resources): *Never* call lsh_object_free,
except from the gc_sweep function!
Thu Dec 17 16:27:22 1998 <nisse@puck>
* server.c (make_process_resource): New function.
NEWS since the 1998-12-17 snapshot:
Support for md5 (by Balazs Scheidler).
Various bugfixes.
NEWS since the 1998-12-11 snapshot:
A resource mechanism (resource.[ch]) used by the server to cleanup
......@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ need valid isa-pointers in classes (as classes are statically
allocated). If this is done properly, the meta feature could also be
cleaned up a little.
Fix gc_kill to deallocate objects immediately.
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