Commit edd1e62b authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

(struct spki_principal): Store hashes directly in

the struct, without pointers.

Rev: src/spki/certificate.h:1.5
parent 59f206cd
......@@ -14,9 +14,8 @@ struct spki_principal
/* NULL if only hash is known */
uint8_t *key;
/* NULL if not known. */
uint8_t *md5;
uint8_t *sha1;
uint8_t md5[MD5_DIGEST_SIZE];
uint8_t sha[SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE];
/* Information needed to verify signatures for this key. */
void *verifier;
......@@ -92,12 +91,10 @@ spki_principal_by_key(struct spki_acl_db *db,
unsigned key_length, const uint8_t *key);
struct spki_principal *
spki_principal_by_md5(struct spki_acl_db *db,
unsigned key_length, const uint8_t *key);
spki_principal_by_md5(struct spki_acl_db *db, const uint8_t *digest);
struct spki_principal *
spki_principal_by_sha1(struct spki_acl_db *db,
unsigned key_length, const uint8_t *key);
spki_principal_by_sha1(struct spki_acl_db *db, const uint8_t *digest);
/* Handling the acl database */
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