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Rev: ChangeLog:1.857.2.44
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2005-09-15 Niels Mller <>
* src/ (liblsh_a_SOURCES): Added channel_io. Removed
channel_forward.c, client_pty.c, client_x11.c, gateway.c,
gateway_channel.c and server_x11.c, which are currently not working.
* src/transport_forward.c: Updated for changes to ssh_write.c.
* src/server_session.c (class server_session): Use
channel_write_state and channel_read_state instead of lsh_fd
(do_kill_server_session): New method.
(oop_write_stdin): New function.
(do_receive): Use channel_io_write.
(oop_read_stdout, oop_read_stderr): New functions.
(do_send_adjust): Use channel_io_start_read.
(do_eof): Send ^D if stdin is a pty. Call
channel_write_state_close if there's no buffered data.
(do_exit_shell): Use channel_maybe_close.
(spawn_process): Rewrote i/o setup.
(x11_request_handler): #if:ed out x11 support for now.
* src/lshd.c (lshd_service_request_handler, lshd_packet_handler):
* src/lshd-connection.c (class connection): Inherit channel_table,
not resource.
(kill_connection): Check the alive flag, and don't call exit here.
(write_packet): Reintroduced connection argument. Use
KILL_RESOURCE on errors. Make sure the packet is deallocated.
(disconnect): Use KILL_RESOURCE, rather than exit.
(do_write_packet): This is now a method of the channel_table class.
(make_connection): Deleted exception_handler argument. Call
io_register_fd. Disabled pty support for now.
(do_exc_lshd_connection_handler): Deleted.
* src/lsh.c (class connection): Inherit channel_table, not resource.
(kill_connection): Check the alive flag, and don't call exit here.
(write_packet): Adapted to changes to ssh_write.c. Make sure the
packet is deallocated.
(do_write_packet): This is now a method of the channel_table class.
(make_connection): Deleted exception handler argument.
(fork_lsh_transport): Deleted exception handler argument. Don't
call io_set_nonblocking here.
* src/lsh-transport.c: Updated for changes to
* src/io.c: Deleted HAVE_POLL conditionals. #if:ed out most of the
old i/o code.
(global_oop_source, global_nfiles): Renamed, was source and
(io_register_fd, io_close_fd): New functions.
(io_init): Reverted back to returning void.
* src/client_pty.c (do_client_winch_handler): Use
* src/client_session.c (class client_session): Renamed, was
client_session_channel. Use channel_read_state and
channel_write_state instead of lsh_fd objects.
(do_kill_client_session): New method.
(oop_write_stdout, oop_write_stderr): New functions.
(do_client_session_close): Deleted method.
(do_client_session_eof): Updated to use channel_write_state_close.
(do_receive): Use channel_io_write.
(oop_read_stdin): New function.
(do_send_adjust): Use channel_io_start_read.
(command client_start_io): Rewritten.
(make_client_session_channel): Don't set up a close handler.
Rewritten i/o setup. Take fd:s rather than lsh_fd objects as
* src/client.c (do_exit_status, do_exit_signal): DEcrement the
sinks counter.
(class detach_callback): #if:ed out.
(make_client_start_session): Deleted wrapper function.
(client_maybe_pty): #if:ed out pty support for now.
(client_maybe_x11): #if:ed out x11 support for now.
(make_client_session): Adapted to changed make_client_session_channel.
* src/channel_commands.c: Use CHANNEL_TABLE_WRITE instead of
A_WRITE. Use CAST_SUBTYPE when casting to class channel_table.
* src/transport.c: Updated for changes to
* src/channel.c (format_open_failure, format_channel_success)
(format_channel_failure): Made static.
* src/channel.h (enum channel_data_type): New enum.
(enum channel_flag): Use an enum to define the channel flags.
(class ssh_channel): Inherit resource, not flow_controlled. New
attribute local_channel_number. Renamed channel_number to
remote_channel_number. Deleted resource list and close method.
New attribute sinks.
(class channel_table): Inherit resource. Changed attribute write
to a method. Deleted resource list.
* src/channel.c (PROTOCOL_ERROR): Redefine macro (kind of kludgy).
(channel_pending_close, channel_finished): New functions, replacing the
(format_global_failure, format_global_success)
(format_open_confirmation, prepare_window_adjust): Made static.
(class exc_finish_channel_handler): Deleted.
(do_exc_finish_channel_handler, make_exc_finish_channel_handler):
(init_channel_table): Replaces make_channel_table. New arguments
write and kill.
(kill_channels): New function.
(use_channel): Removed argument local_channel_number.
(register_channel): Don't set up any exception handler. Initialize
(lookup_channel, lookup_channel_reserved): Added asserts.
(channel_adjust_rec_window): New function. Replaces
(channel_maybe_close): New function.
(handle_channel_eof, channel_eof): Use channel_maybe_close.
(handle_channel_close, handle_open_failure, channel_close): Use
(channel_transmit_data, channel_transmit_extended): Send the data,
rather than returning a formatted packet.
* src/channel_io.h, src/channel_io.c: New files.
2005-09-14 Niels Mller <>
* src/transport_write.c (make_transport_write_state): Initialize
ingore and threshold.
(select_write_size): New function, moved from ssh_write.c.
(update_status, write_data, write_flush): New functions, replacing
code in ssh_write.c.
(transport_write_packet, transport_write_line)
(transport_write_flush): Updated to changes in ssh_write_state.
* src/transport.h (class transport_write_state): New attributes
threshold and ignore, moved from class ssh_write_state.
(enum transport_write_status): New status constants, replaces enum
(enum transport_write_flag): New flags, replaces ssh_write_flag.
* src/ssh_write.c (init_ssh_write_state, make_ssh_write_state):
Deleted threshold argument.
(select_write_size): Moved to transport_write.c.
(ssh_write_flush): Return amount of data actually written rather
than buffered. New
argument to_write with the preferred write size.
(ssh_write_enqueue): Renamed and made non-static. Old name was enqueue.
(ssh_write_data): Rewritten, doesn't handle ignore packets. New
argument to_write, and returns amount of data actually written
rather than buffered.
* src/ssh_write.h (class ssh_write_state): Removed attributes
threshold and ignore (moved to class transport_write_state).
(enum ssh_write_status): Deleted.
* src/lsh_string.c (lsh_string_read): Loop on EINTR.
2005-09-13 Niels Mller <>
* src/service_read.c (service_read_packet): Check if
self->packet_length is zero first. Fixes bug when reading small
* src/werror.c (werror_format): Made static. Don't write program
(werror_hexdump): Use werror_format, to avoid redundant program
name output.
(werror_title): New function. Updated all users of werror_vformat
to use it.
(werror_vformat): Don't write program name. New specifier %T.
(packet_types): Include this generated array here, used for %T.
2005-09-08 Niels Mller <>
* src/lsh.c: Pass on --host-db option to lsh-transport.
2005-09-07 Niels Mller <>
* src/testsuite/ (run_lsh): For the time being, don't
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