Commit f285b225 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(daemon_started_by_inetd): More debug output.

Rev: ChangeLog:1.799
Rev: src/daemon.c:1.13
parent 7257b0a7
2004-10-02 Niels Mller <>
* src/daemon.c (daemon_started_by_inetd): More debug output.
Implemented client-side "keyboard-interactive".
* src/unix_interact.c (unix_read_password): Split off...
(read_password): New function, reads password and doesn't free
......@@ -241,8 +241,10 @@ daemon_started_by_inetd(void)
int optval;
socklen_t optlen = sizeof(optval);
int res = getsockopt(STDIN_FILENO, SOL_SOCKET, SO_TYPE, &optval, &optlen);
debug("daemon_started_by_inetd: res = %i, val = %i\n", res, optval);
return (getsockopt(STDIN_FILENO, SOL_SOCKET, SO_TYPE, &optval, &optlen) == 0);
return res == 0;
/* Disable core files */
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