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Rev: ChangeLog:1.163
parent a0a36d37
2000-02-22 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* doc/lsh.texinfo (Invoking lshd): Adding doc for --root-login.
* src/version.h (BUG_ADDRESS): New constant.
* src/userauth.h (user): New class.
* src/sexp_conv.c (argp_program_version,
argp_program_bug_address): New constants.
* src/server_userauth.c (make_unix_user_db): New function.
(do_lookup_user): Check allow_root flag.
* src/server_session.c (do_login): Write log message.
* src/server_publickey.c (make_userauth_publickey): Take user_db
* src/server_password.c (make_userauth_password): New function.
* src/server_authorization.c (do_key_lookup): Take user as
* src/lshd.c (argp_program_version, argp_program_bug_address): New
(main_options): New options --root-login and --no-root-login.
(main_argp_parser): Use make_unix_user_db().
* src/lsh_proxy.c (argp_program_version,
argp_program_bug_address): New constants.
* src/lsh_keygen.c (argp_program_version,
argp_program_bug_address): New constants.
* src/lsh.c (argp_program_version): New constant.
(argp_program_bug_address): New constant.
* src/lookup_verifier.h (lookup_verifier): Changed third argument
to authenticate method to struct user.
* src/lsh.h: Added forward declaration of struct user.
2000-02-21 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/algorithms.c (vlist_algorithms): New function.
(list_algorithms): New function.
(list_crypto_algorithms): New function.
(list_mac_algorithms): New function.
(list_compression_algorithms): New function.
(algorithms_options): New option --list-algorithms.
(algorithms_argp_parser): List supported algorithms on errors.
2000-02-20 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/io_commands.c (do_listen_connection): Raise EXC_IO_LISTEN.
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