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Removed some entries that have been taken care of.

Rev: doc/TODO:1.34
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......@@ -64,17 +64,8 @@ ALLOCATION
Not all packet consumers free processed packets properly.
Use separate allocation function for objects that are subject to gc,
and those (for instance, strings and atom lists) which are deallocated
Implement a mark&sweep gc.
Use separate "storage-types" for lsh_string_alloc and
Make lists of integers (usually atoms) their own type. Can this be done
in such a way that they can also be allocated statically?
Have the allocator initialize all objects automatically.
......@@ -182,11 +173,6 @@ have autoconf check for rusage().
Use argp instead of getopt_long (but we must first find out how to use
argp on non-glibc systems).
Have autoconf check for vsnprintf, and include an implementation for
systems that don't have it. Hmm. Perhaps we should use a custom
vprintf-like function anyway, so that we can write to our own streams,
not just to FILE * and fix buffers.
It seems that it is a little difficult to detect that an asyncronous
connect() failed; poll() indicates that both reading and writing is
possible, but write failes (with EPIPE/SIGPIPE) later. Perhaps a
......@@ -195,15 +181,12 @@ linux-problem?
Extract handling of hex and base 64 encodings into a separate file.
Include length fields when hashing in
publickey_crypto.c:init_diffie_hellman_instance(). Perhaps some of
this code should be moved to keyexchange.c? Similar considerations
apply also to other hashes.
publickey_crypto.c:init_diffie_hellman_instance() (Done now). Perhaps
some of this code should be moved to keyexchange.c? Similar
considerations apply also to other hashes.
Fix so that lsh compiles in the absense of zlib.
Fix the cvs_headers not to use the construction "sed -f -", as that
doesn't work with Solaris sed.
It is a nice idea to generate a typedescr.h table to aid debugging.
Make separate object files for most generated files, instead if
......@@ -215,3 +198,6 @@ Currently, using a shared doesn't work.
Fix the src/symmetric/desTest program. It doesn't complain if the
desCode is compiled with empty keymap.h, parity.h and rotors.h files.
Shouldn't the hex_digits table in digit_table.h (as generated by
digit_table.c's) have entries for 'a'..'f' and/or 'A'..'F'?
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