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Wrote entry for 1.4.2.

Rev: NEWS:1.100
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News for the 1.4.2 release
Fixed minor bug in bubble-babble key display.
Fixed support for encrypted private keys.
Tweaks to the handling of disabled accounts, and shadow
* Shadow records are looked up only if there's a single "x"
in the passwd entry.
* A passwd entry with a single "*" is interpreted as an
account that is open but with ordinary password
authentication disabled.
* A passwd entry that starts with "*" but is longer than one
character is interpreted as a disabled account.
* It is recommended that all disabled accounts have their
login shells set to something harmless, e.g. /bin/false.
Disabled the "I/O error" message that was printed to the
server log every time a session logged out.
Improved the server's EOF-handling on pty:s.
Other minor bug fixes.
News for the 1.4.1 release
Added --enable-initgroups-workaround option to the configure
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