1. 16 Feb, 1999 1 commit
  2. 27 Dec, 1998 1 commit
  3. 17 Dec, 1998 1 commit
  4. 09 Dec, 1998 1 commit
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      Cleanup and removal of old #if 0'ed code. · 26e4f8ae
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.h:1.15
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.20
      Rev: src/alist.c:1.13
      Rev: src/alist.h:1.9
      Rev: src/channel.c:1.16
      Rev: src/channel.h:1.18
      Rev: src/client.c:1.37
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.18
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.h:1.10
      Rev: src/client_userauth.c:1.6
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.19
      Rev: src/crypto.c:1.15
      Rev: src/debug.c:1.17
      Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.16
      Rev: src/io.c:1.33
      Rev: src/io.h:1.22
      Rev: src/keyexchange.c:1.27
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.25
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.26
      Rev: src/lsh_types.h:1.22
      Rev: src/pad.c:1.19
      Rev: src/password.h:1.8
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.c:1.20
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.13
      Rev: src/randomness.c:1.9
      Rev: src/randomness.h:1.6
      Rev: src/read_data.c:1.14
      Rev: src/read_line.c:1.15
      Rev: src/read_line.h:1.10
      Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.26
      Rev: src/reaper.c:1.5
      Rev: src/reaper.h:1.4
      Rev: src/server.c:1.26
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.c:1.17
      Rev: src/server_password.c:1.9
      Rev: src/server_userauth.c:1.7
      Rev: src/service.c:1.11
      Rev: src/service.h:1.11
      Rev: src/userauth.h:1.8
      Rev: src/write_buffer.h:1.12
      Rev: src/xalloc.c:1.16
      Rev: src/xalloc.h:1.16
  5. 03 Dec, 1998 1 commit
  6. 22 Sep, 1998 2 commits
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      Some cleanup. Removed old files packet_disconnect.[ch], · 15b449ff
      Niels Möller authored
      packet_dispatch.[ch] and void.[ch].
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.17
      Rev: src/crypto.h:1.7
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.15
      Rev: src/packet_disconnect.c:1.3(DEAD)
      Rev: src/packet_disconnect.h:1.4(DEAD)
      Rev: src/packet_dispatch.c:1.7(DEAD)
      Rev: src/packet_dispatch.h:1.6(DEAD)
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.c:1.13
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.9
      Rev: src/unpad.h:1.9
      Rev: src/void.c:1.8(DEAD)
      Rev: src/void.h:1.6(DEAD)
      Rev: src/write_buffer.h:1.7
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Add object headers to most structures. · cdddb5fb
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.h:1.10
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.12
      Rev: src/alist.c:1.3
      Rev: src/alist.h:1.3
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.h:1.6
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.16
      Rev: src/io.h:1.10
  7. 20 Sep, 1998 1 commit
  8. 18 Sep, 1998 1 commit
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      *** empty log message *** · 63b9fa5b
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.6
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.h:1.4
      Rev: src/connection.c:1.8
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.14
      Rev: src/crypto.c:1.5
  9. 15 Sep, 1998 1 commit
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      *** empty log message *** · cfe51221
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/Makefile.in:1.11
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.13
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.11
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.7
  10. 13 Sep, 1998 1 commit
  11. 11 Sep, 1998 3 commits
  12. 08 Sep, 1998 1 commit
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  14. 06 Sep, 1998 2 commits
  15. 03 Sep, 1998 3 commits
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      Work in progress · b4bea0cd
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.8
      Rev: src/client.c:1.8
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.4
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.3
      Rev: src/packet_dispatch.c:1.6
      Rev: src/parse.c:1.7
      Rev: src/parse.h:1.6
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Cleanup and trivial bugfixes. · 834fdc43
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.7
      Rev: src/client.c:1.7
      Rev: src/client.h:1.5
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.3
      Rev: src/io.h:1.7
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.6
      Rev: src/pad.c:1.9
      Rev: src/pad.h:1.7
      Rev: src/parse.h:1.5
      Rev: src/read_line.h:1.5
      Rev: src/transport.c:1.5
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      Added handler for unimplemented packet types. · 4167debe
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/connection.c:1.2
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.2
  16. 02 Sep, 1998 2 commits
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      Renamed session.h and session.c · a4ebeee7
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/connection.c:1.1
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.1
      Rev: src/session.c:1.2(DEAD)
      Rev: src/session.h:1.4(DEAD)
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      *** empty log message *** · 49d7f3d5
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/Makefile.in:1.5
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.h:1.2
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.4
      Rev: src/blocking_write.h:1.2
      Rev: src/client.h:1.2
      Rev: src/configure.in:1.2
      Rev: src/crypto_common.h:1.2(DEAD)
      Rev: src/debug.c:1.5
      Rev: src/debug.h:1.4
      Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.5
      Rev: src/encrypt.h:1.4
      Rev: src/getopt.c:1.1
      Rev: src/getopt.h:1.1
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.2
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.3
      Rev: src/packet_dispatch.h:1.3
      Rev: src/pad.h:1.5
      Rev: src/read_line.c:1.2
      Rev: src/read_line.h:1.3
      Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.2
      Rev: src/read_packet.h:1.3
      Rev: src/session.h:1.3
      Rev: src/unpad.c:1.4
      Rev: src/unpad.h:1.5
      Rev: src/void.c:1.4
      Rev: src/void.h:1.2
      Rev: src/werror.c:1.3
      Rev: src/werror.h:1.3
      Rev: src/write_buffer.h:1.2
      Rev: src/xalloc.c:1.2
      Rev: src/xalloc.h:1.2
      Rev: src/zlib.c:1.4
  17. 01 Sep, 1998 1 commit
  18. 31 Aug, 1998 1 commit
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      New files. · 4d44e8d2
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/client.c:1.1
      Rev: src/client.h:1.1
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.1
      Rev: src/read_line.c:1.1
      Rev: src/read_line.h:1.1
      Rev: src/session.h:1.1
      Rev: src/version.h:1.1