1. 14 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/environ.h.in (USER_NAME_FROM_ENV): New macro, which consults · 55b04f97
      Niels Möller authored
      both $LOGNAME and $USER.
      * src/client.c (init_client_options): Use it.
      * src/srp-gen.c (make_srp_gen_options): Likewise.
      * src/lshd.c (main_argp_parser): Likewise.
      * src/lsh-writekey.c (main_argp_parser): Likewise.
      Rev: src/client.c:1.165
      Rev: src/environ.h.in:1.3
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.39
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.169
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.23
  2. 15 Jun, 2004 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      (zn_range, zn_invert, zn_mul, zn_exp, zn_exp_ui, zn_add, zn_sub): · 8bab0227
      Niels Möller authored
      Non-static functions replaces the GROUP_COMBINE etc methods.
      (abstract_group): Deleted class and
      (zn_group): Declare class here, and plain functions for using it.
      Replaced all uses of struct abstract_group with const struct
      Use const for all dh_method pointers.
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.68
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.h:1.19
      Rev: src/dh_exchange.c:1.19
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.c:1.58
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.h:1.13
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.22
      Rev: src/srp.h:1.8
      Rev: src/srp_exchange.c:1.21
  3. 08 Jun, 2004 1 commit
  4. 16 Nov, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/channel.c: Updated for lsh_string changes. · 25280553
      Niels Möller authored
      * src/client_escape.c: Likewise.
      * src/client_userauth.c: Likewise.
      * src/client_x11.c: Likewise.
      * src/connection.c: Likewise.
      * src/debug.c: Likewise.
      * src/dh_exchange.c: Likewise.
      * src/keyexchange.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh-writekey.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh.c: Likewise.
      * src/read_packet.c: Likewise.
      * src/server.c: Likewise.
      * src/spki.c: Likewise.
      * src/srp-gen.c: Likewise.
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.20
  5. 22 Oct, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/interact.h (INTERACT_READ_PASSWORD): Deleted the forth · 17000103
      Niels Möller authored
      argument FREE. Now the prompt string is always consumed. Updated
      all callers.
      * src/unix_interact.c (unix_read_password): Deleted fourth
      argument FREE.
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.64
      Rev: src/client_userauth.c:1.55
      Rev: src/interact.h:1.12
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.34
      Rev: src/spki.c:1.55
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.19
      Rev: src/unix_interact.c:1.24
  6. 12 May, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Reordered includes in most or all .c-files. All should now include · 82e82dcd
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/abstract_compress.c:1.6
      Rev: src/abstract_io.c:1.5
      Rev: src/algorithms.c:1.35
      Rev: src/alist.c:1.23
      Rev: src/bignum.c:1.24
      Rev: src/channel_commands.c:1.28
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.62
      Rev: src/client_pty.c:1.26
      Rev: src/client_x11.c:1.24
      Rev: src/combinators.c:1.19
      Rev: src/compress.c:1.10
      Rev: src/connection_commands.c:1.43
      Rev: src/crypto.c:1.35
      Rev: src/daemon.c:1.11
      Rev: src/dh_exchange.c:1.16
      Rev: src/dsa.c:1.39
      Rev: src/dsa_keygen.c:1.26
      Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.26
      Rev: src/format.c:1.53
      Rev: src/interact.c:1.7
      Rev: src/jpoll.c:1.8
      Rev: src/list.c:1.10
      Rev: src/lock_file.c:1.7
      Rev: src/lookup_verifier.c:1.4
      Rev: src/lsh-export-key.c:1.18
      Rev: src/lsh-keygen.c:1.17
      Rev: src/lsh-krb-checkpw.c:1.5
      Rev: src/lsh-make-seed.c:1.12
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.31
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.186
      Rev: src/lsh_argp.h:1.3
      Rev: src/lsh_proxy.c:1.36
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.158
      Rev: src/lshg.c:1.22
      Rev: src/memcmp.c:1.3
      Rev: src/pad.c:1.27
      Rev: src/parse.c:1.38
      Rev: src/pkcs5-test.c:1.7
      Rev: src/pkcs5.c:1.8
      Rev: src/proxy.c:1.17
      Rev: src/proxy_agentforward.c:1.6
      Rev: src/proxy_session.c:1.11
      Rev: src/proxy_tcpforward.c:1.8
      Rev: src/proxy_userauth.c:1.14
      Rev: src/proxy_x11forward.c:1.7
      Rev: src/randomness.c:1.29
      Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.54
      Rev: src/reaper.c:1.26
      Rev: src/resource.c:1.27
      Rev: src/rsa.c:1.28
      Rev: src/rsa_keygen.c:1.16
      Rev: src/server.c:1.74
      Rev: src/server_authorization.c:1.21
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.c:1.55
      Rev: src/sexp.c:1.48
      Rev: src/spki.c:1.51
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.18
      Rev: src/srp_exchange.c:1.19
      Rev: src/suspend.c:1.5
      Rev: src/testsuite/testutils.h:1.7
      Rev: src/translate_signal.c:1.6
      Rev: src/tty.c:1.18
      Rev: src/unix_random.c:1.15
      Rev: src/userauth.c:1.7
      Rev: src/version.h:1.10
  7. 16 Feb, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      General cleanup. Use types uint32_t and friends instead of · 10f16aeb
      Niels Möller authored
      UINT32. Include files in the order config.h, C headers, system
      headers, lsh headers. Deleted RCS id stings. Affects most files.
      Rev: src/abstract_compress.c:1.5
      Rev: src/abstract_compress.h:1.6
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.c:1.23
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.h:1.42
      Rev: src/abstract_io.c:1.4
      Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.35
      Rev: src/adns.c:1.4
      Rev: src/algorithms.c:1.34
      Rev: src/algorithms.h:1.10
      Rev: src/alist.c:1.22
      Rev: src/alist.h:1.18
      Rev: src/atoms.c:1.13
      Rev: src/atoms.h:1.8
      Rev: src/bignum.c:1.23
      Rev: src/bignum.h:1.21
      Rev: src/channel.c:1.115
      Rev: src/channel.h:1.73
      Rev: src/channel_commands.c:1.27
      Rev: src/channel_commands.h:1.21
      Rev: src/channel_forward.c:1.12
      Rev: src/channel_forward.h:1.6
      Rev: src/charset.c:1.9
      Rev: src/charset.h:1.5
      Rev: src/client.c:1.147
      Rev: src/client.h:1.52
      Rev: src/client_escape.c:1.7
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.61
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.h:1.18
      Rev: src/client_pty.c:1.24
      Rev: src/client_session.c:1.20
      Rev: src/client_userauth.c:1.53
      Rev: src/client_x11.c:1.22
      Rev: src/combinators.c:1.18
      Rev: src/command.c:1.49
      Rev: src/command.h:1.62
      Rev: src/compress.c:1.9
      Rev: src/compress.h:1.4
      Rev: src/connection.c:1.74
      Rev: src/connection.h:1.67
      Rev: src/connection_commands.c:1.42
      Rev: src/connection_commands.h:1.19
      Rev: src/crypto.c:1.34
      Rev: src/crypto.h:1.32
      Rev: src/daemon.c:1.10
      Rev: src/daemon.h:1.4
      Rev: src/debug.c:1.37
      Rev: src/debug.h:1.17
      Rev: src/dh_exchange.c:1.15
      Rev: src/dsa.c:1.38
      Rev: src/dsa_keygen.c:1.25
      Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.25
      Rev: src/encrypt.h:1.11
      Rev: src/exception.c:1.18
      Rev: src/exception.h:1.28
      Rev: src/format.c:1.52
      Rev: src/format.h:1.40
      Rev: src/gateway.c:1.8
      Rev: src/gateway.h:1.2
      Rev: src/gateway_channel.c:1.15
      Rev: src/gateway_channel.h:1.6
      Rev: src/gateway_commands.c:1.19
      Rev: src/gateway_commands.h:1.5
      Rev: src/gc.c:1.31
      Rev: src/gc.h:1.12
      Rev: src/handshake.c:1.16
      Rev: src/handshake.h:1.6
      Rev: src/interact.c:1.6
      Rev: src/interact.h:1.10
      Rev: src/io.c:1.182
      Rev: src/io.h:1.99
      Rev: src/io_commands.c:1.60
      Rev: src/io_commands.h:1.30
      Rev: src/jpoll.h:1.4
      Rev: src/keyexchange.c:1.89
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.57
      Rev: src/list.c:1.9
      Rev: src/list.h:1.10
      Rev: src/lookup_verifier.c:1.3
      Rev: src/lookup_verifier.h:1.8
      Rev: src/lsh-decode-key.c:1.20
      Rev: src/lsh-execuv.c:1.5
      Rev: src/lsh-export-key.c:1.17
      Rev: src/lsh-keygen.c:1.16
      Rev: src/lsh-krb-checkpw.c:1.3
      Rev: src/lsh-make-seed.c:1.11
      Rev: src/lsh-pam-checkpw.c:1.6
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.30
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.178
      Rev: src/lsh.h:1.28
      Rev: src/lsh_argp.h:1.2
      Rev: src/lsh_proxy.c:1.35
      Rev: src/lsh_types.h:1.45
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.149
      Rev: src/lshg.c:1.19
      Rev: src/memxor.c:1.2
      Rev: src/memxor.h:1.2
      Rev: src/pad.c:1.26
      Rev: src/pad.h:1.12
      Rev: src/parse.c:1.37
      Rev: src/parse.h:1.27
      Rev: src/parse_config.c:1.4
      Rev: src/parse_config.h:1.3
      Rev: src/parse_macros.h:1.4
      Rev: src/pkcs5.c:1.7
      Rev: src/proxy.c:1.16
      Rev: src/proxy.h:1.7
      Rev: src/proxy_agentforward.c:1.5
      Rev: src/proxy_agentforward.h:1.2
      Rev: src/proxy_session.c:1.10
      Rev: src/proxy_session.h:1.5
      Rev: src/proxy_tcpforward.c:1.7
      Rev: src/proxy_tcpforward.h:1.2
      Rev: src/proxy_userauth.c:1.13
      Rev: src/proxy_userauth.h:1.3
      Rev: src/proxy_x11forward.c:1.6
      Rev: src/proxy_x11forward.h:1.2
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.c:1.45
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.48
      Rev: src/queue.c:1.11
      Rev: src/queue.h:1.13
      Rev: src/randomness.c:1.28
      Rev: src/randomness.h:1.16
      Rev: src/read_data.c:1.36
      Rev: src/read_data.h:1.16
      Rev: src/read_file.c:1.5
      Rev: src/read_file.h:1.2
      Rev: src/read_line.c:1.31
      Rev: src/read_line.h:1.17
      Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.53
      Rev: src/read_packet.h:1.11
      Rev: src/reaper.c:1.25
      Rev: src/reaper.h:1.12
      Rev: src/resource.c:1.26
      Rev: src/resource.h:1.15
      Rev: src/rsa.c:1.27
      Rev: src/rsa_keygen.c:1.15
      Rev: src/server.c:1.72
      Rev: src/server.h:1.21
      Rev: src/server_authorization.c:1.20
      Rev: src/server_authorization.h:1.6
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.c:1.54
      Rev: src/server_keyexchange.h:1.12
      Rev: src/server_password.c:1.34
      Rev: src/server_pty.c:1.25
      Rev: src/server_pty.h:1.14
      Rev: src/server_publickey.c:1.23
      Rev: src/server_session.c:1.99
      Rev: src/server_session.h:1.20
      Rev: src/server_userauth.c:1.38
      Rev: src/server_userauth.h:1.21
      Rev: src/server_x11.c:1.17
      Rev: src/server_x11.h:1.7
      Rev: src/sexp.c:1.47
      Rev: src/sexp.h:1.39
      Rev: src/spki.c:1.48
      Rev: src/spki.h:1.29
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.17
      Rev: src/srp.h:1.7
      Rev: src/srp_exchange.c:1.18
      Rev: src/ssh1_fallback.c:1.14
      Rev: src/ssh1_fallback.h:1.6
      Rev: src/string_buffer.c:1.10
      Rev: src/string_buffer.h:1.5
      Rev: src/suspend.c:1.3
      Rev: src/suspend.h:1.3
      Rev: src/tcpforward.c:1.65
      Rev: src/tcpforward.h:1.19
      Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.c:1.44
      Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.h:1.7
      Rev: src/translate_signal.c:1.5
      Rev: src/translate_signal.h:1.3
      Rev: src/tty.c:1.17
      Rev: src/tty.h:1.13
      Rev: src/unix_interact.c:1.17
      Rev: src/unix_process.c:1.12
      Rev: src/unix_random.c:1.13
      Rev: src/unix_user.c:1.58
      Rev: src/unpad.c:1.21
      Rev: src/unpad.h:1.12
      Rev: src/userauth.h:1.37
      Rev: src/version.h:1.9
      Rev: src/werror.c:1.68
      Rev: src/werror.h:1.32
      Rev: src/write_buffer.c:1.27
      Rev: src/write_buffer.h:1.24
      Rev: src/xalloc.c:1.32
      Rev: src/xalloc.h:1.28
      Rev: src/xauth.c:1.10
      Rev: src/xauth.h:1.3
      Rev: src/zlib.c:1.35
  8. 12 Jan, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/client.c: Include environ.h, and use those macros for all · 6bf69794
      Niels Möller authored
      getenv calls.
      * src/client_pty.c: Likewise.
      * src/gateway.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh-keygen.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh-make-seed.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh-writekey.c: Likewise.
      * src/lsh.c: Likewise.
      * src/server_session.c: Likewise.
      * src/server_x11.c: Likewise.
      * src/srp-gen.c: Likewise.
      * src/unix_random.c: Likewise.
      * src/xauth.c: Likewise.
      Rev: src/server_session.c:1.98
      Rev: src/server_x11.c:1.16
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.16
      Rev: src/unix_random.c:1.12
      Rev: src/xauth.c:1.9
  9. 10 Nov, 2002 1 commit
  10. 21 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/crypto.c (hash_update, hash_digest, hash_copy, make_hash): · 57ee630a
      Niels Möller authored
      New functions using struct nettle_hash.
      (make_hmac_algorithm): Reorganized hmac implementation again. Now
      uses struct nettle_hash.
      Updated all users.
      Rev: src/abstract_crypto.c:1.20
      Rev: src/dh_exchange.c:1.14
      Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.24
      Rev: src/keyexchange.c:1.80
      Rev: src/keyexchange.h:1.52
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.158
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.134
      Rev: src/pkcs5-test.c:1.6
      Rev: src/pkcs5.c:1.6
      Rev: src/publickey_crypto.h:1.45
      Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.51
      Rev: src/server_authorization.c:1.18
      Rev: src/server_authorization.h:1.5
      Rev: src/sexp-conv.c:1.13
      Rev: src/spki.c:1.38
      Rev: src/spki.h:1.25
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.14
      Rev: src/srp.h:1.5
      Rev: src/srp_exchange.c:1.13
  11. 12 Dec, 2001 1 commit
  12. 25 Sep, 2001 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/io.c (io_final): Call gc_final. That makes sure that all · b1ac3a27
      Niels Möller authored
      callbacks are cancelled. Updated callers to not use gc_final, only
      Rev: src/lsh-decode-key.c:1.11
      Rev: src/lsh-export-key.c:1.11
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.148
      Rev: src/lsh_proxy.c:1.25
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.125
      Rev: src/lshg.c:1.15
      Rev: src/sexp-conv.c:1.10
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.12
  13. 24 Sep, 2001 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/io.c: Deleted class io_backend. Register signal handlers and · 1307f1fc
      Niels Möller authored
      files with gc_global() instead. Deleted all references to
      io_backend in the rest of the source files. Doesn't quite work yet.
      Rev: src/client.c:1.130
      Rev: src/client.h:1.45
      Rev: src/client_x11.c:1.12
      Rev: src/gc.h:1.9
      Rev: src/interact.h:1.9
      Rev: src/io.c:1.148
      Rev: src/io.h:1.80
      Rev: src/io_commands.c:1.45
      Rev: src/io_commands.h:1.20
      Rev: src/lsh-decode-key.c:1.10
      Rev: src/lsh-export-key.c:1.10
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.16
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.147
      Rev: src/lsh.h:1.22
      Rev: src/lsh_proxy.c:1.24
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.124
      Rev: src/lshg.c:1.14
      Rev: src/reaper.c:1.21
      Rev: src/reaper.h:1.10
      Rev: src/resource.h:1.12
      Rev: src/server_session.c:1.68
      Rev: src/server_session.h:1.16
      Rev: src/server_userauth.h:1.19
      Rev: src/sexp-conv.c:1.9
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.11
      Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.c:1.36
      Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.h:1.6
      Rev: src/unix_interact.c:1.12
      Rev: src/unix_user.c:1.41
  14. 29 May, 2001 1 commit
  15. 08 Apr, 2001 2 commits
  16. 20 Nov, 2000 2 commits
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Removed old #if:ed out code · 2d064ff3
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/algorithms.h:1.8
      Rev: src/client.h:1.34
      Rev: src/client_keyexchange.c:1.55
      Rev: src/client_userauth.c:1.44
      Rev: src/connection.c:1.61
      Rev: src/format.h:1.32
      Rev: src/interact.c:1.5
      Rev: src/interact.h:1.5
      Rev: src/io.c:1.119
      Rev: src/io.h:1.69
      Rev: src/lsh-writekey.c:1.9
      Rev: src/lsh.c:1.126
      Rev: src/lshd.c:1.104
      Rev: src/reaper.c:1.16
      Rev: src/reaper.h:1.9
      Rev: src/server_session.c:1.53
      Rev: src/spki.c:1.27
      Rev: src/spki_commands.c:1.13
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.7
      Rev: src/tty.c:1.11
      Rev: src/tty.h:1.11
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/srp-gen.c: New tty attribute. · 845e7c4f
      Niels Möller authored
      (main_argp_parser): Use new interact class.
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.6
  17. 15 Nov, 2000 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * src/lsh-decode-key.c (main): Use make_io_backend(). · 1214fc97
      Niels Möller authored
      * src/lsh.c (main): Likewise.
      * src/lsh-writekey.c (main): Likewise.
      * src/lsh-export-key.c (main): Likewise.
      * src/sexp-conv.c (main): Likewise.
      * src/srp-gen.c (main): Likewise.
      Rev: src/sexp-conv.c:1.5
      Rev: src/srp-gen.c:1.5
  18. 14 Nov, 2000 1 commit
  19. 01 Jun, 2000 2 commits
  20. 28 May, 2000 1 commit