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Rev: ChangeLog:1.336.2.5
Rev: NEWS:
Rev: misc/mkdiff:
parent ec26b9a1
2001-05-11 Niels Mller <>
* Bumped version to 1.2.2.
* src/lshd.c (main): Start the background randomness poll *after*
forking into the background. Copied from main branch.
* src/testsuite/ (PIDFILE): New variable, with
absolute path to the pid-file. Copied from main branch.
(spawn_lshd): $PIDFILE. Copied from main branch.
2001-04-18 Niels Mller <>
* Released lsh-1.2.1.
News for the 1.2.2 release:
Fixed the lshd --daemon feature.
News for the 1.2.1 release:
New configure option --enable-initgroups-workaround.
# Copied from gnupg-1.0.4, and hacked somewhat by Niels Mller
if [ $# != 1 ] ; then
echo "usage: mkdiff package-name" >&2
exit 1
set -e
curr_ver=$(ls $pack-*.tar.gz 2>/dev/null | sed "s/^$pack-\(.*\)\.tar\.gz/\1/"\
| sort -r -t '.' -n +0 -1 +1 -2 +2 | head -1 )
if [ ! -f $pack-$curr_ver.tar.gz ]; then
echo "mkdiff: no current version of package $pack found" >&2
exit 1
prev_ver=$(ls $pack-*.tar.gz 2>/dev/null | sed "s/^$pack-\(.*\)\.tar\.gz/\1/"\
| sort -r -t '.' -n +0 -1 +1 -2 +2 | head -2 | tail -1 )
if [ "$prev_ver" = "$curr_ver" ]; then
echo "mkdiff: no previous version of package $pack found" >&2
exit 1
echo "Current is: $pack-$curr_ver"
echo "Previous is: $pack-$prev_ver"
echo "Checking signature of $pack-$curr_ver.tar.gz..."
if gpg --batch --verify $pack-$curr_ver.tar.gz.asc $pack-$curr_ver.tar.gz ; then
echo " Ok"
echo " Failed"
exit 1
echo "Checking signature of $pack-$prev_ver.tar.gz... "
if gpg --batch --verify $pack-$prev_ver.tar.gz.asc $pack-$prev_ver.tar.gz ; then
echo " Ok"
echo " Failed"
exit 1
echo "Removing old directories"
[ -d "$pack-$curr_ver" ] && rm -rf "$pack-$curr_ver"
[ -d "$pack-$prev_ver" ] && rm -rf "$pack-$prev_ver"
echo "Unpacking previous and current tar"
tar xzf "$pack-$curr_ver.tar.gz"
rm -f $pack-${curr_ver}/po/*.gmo
tar xzf "$pack-$prev_ver.tar.gz"
rm -f $pack-${prev_ver}/po/*.gmo
echo "Diffing"
diff -urN "$pack-$prev_ver/" "$pack-$curr_ver/" > $tmp_name || true
echo "Making patch file"
cat <<EOF > $diff_name
This is a patch file to create version $curr_ver from $prev_ver.
Please check the signature of this patch file:
zcat somepath/$pack-$prev_ver-$curr_ver.diff.gz | gpg --verify
Change to directory $pack-$prev_ver (or however you renamed it)
and give this command:
zcat somepath/$pack-$prev_ver-$curr_ver.diff.gz | patch -p1
It is a good idea to rename your current directory to $pack-$curr_ver now.
Prereq: $prev_ver
sed -ne '/^diff.*VERSION/,/^+[0-9][0-9]*/ p' $tmp_name >> $diff_name
echo >> $diff_name
sed -e '/^diff.*VERSION/,/^+[0-9][0-9]*/ d' $tmp_name >> $diff_name
rm $tmp_name
echo "Signing and compressing patch file"
gpg --clearsign --not-dash-escaped -u $gpguser \
< $diff_name | gzip --best > $diff_name.gz
rm $diff_name
echo "Checking patch file"
cd $pack-$prev_ver
zcat ../$diff_name.gz | patch -s -p1
rm $(find . -name "*.orig") 2>/dev/null || true
cd ..
if ! diff -urN "$pack-$prev_ver/" "$pack-$curr_ver/" >/dev/null ; then
echo "compare failed"
exit 1
if ! zcat $diff_name.gz | gpg --batch --verify ; then
exit 1
echo "cleaning up"
rm -rf "$pack-$curr_ver"
rm -rf "$pack-$prev_ver"
echo "Patch file $diff_name.gz is good."
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