Commit 945d155d authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

Bumped version to standalone-1.3.

Rev: src/argp/ChangeLog:1.17
Rev: src/argp/
parent 7a9b2674
2004-02-23 Niels Mller <>
* Bumped version to standalone-1.3.
Portability to Mac OS X (fixes by Akim Demaille)
* argp/ (libargp_a_SOURCES): Remove the duplicate
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
dnl This is only for building a standalone argp library.
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(argp, standalone-1.2)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(argp, standalone-1.3)
# GNU libc defaults to supplying the ISO C library functions only. The
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