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Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.94
parent dfb71dc4
2010-07-20 Niels Mller <>
* nettle-meta.h (_NETTLE_CIPHER_SEP_SET_KEY): New macro.
* dsa-keygen.c: Removed unnecessary include of memxor.h.
* camellia.c: Rewrote to use 64-bit type for subkeys and use
64-bit operations throughout. Performance on x86_32, when compiled
with gcc-4.4.4, is reduced by roughly 15%, this should be fixed
......@@ -3670,7 +3674,7 @@
registers at all.
* sparc/aes.asm (AES_FINAL_ROUND): New macro.
(_aes_crypt): Use AES_FINAL_ROUND for the first word if the final
(_aes_crypt): Use AES_FINAL_ROUND for the first word of the final
(_aes_crypt): And for the rest of the final round.
(AES_FINAL_ROUND): Don't update dst, just access it offseted by i.
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