Commit 55909a41 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(time_gmac): Use gcm_aes interface.

Rev: nettle/examples/nettle-benchmark.c:1.17
parent 31acdada
...@@ -349,17 +349,15 @@ time_gmac(void) ...@@ -349,17 +349,15 @@ time_gmac(void)
{ {
static uint8_t data[BENCH_BLOCK]; static uint8_t data[BENCH_BLOCK];
struct bench_hash_info info; struct bench_hash_info info;
struct gcm_ctx gcm; struct gcm_aes_ctx ctx;
struct aes_ctx aes;
uint8_t key[16]; uint8_t key[16];
uint8_t iv[GCM_IV_SIZE]; uint8_t iv[GCM_IV_SIZE];
aes_set_encrypt_key(&aes, sizeof(key), key); gcm_aes_set_key(&ctx, sizeof(key), key);
gcm_set_key(&gcm, &aes, (nettle_crypt_func *) aes_encrypt); gcm_aes_set_iv(&ctx, sizeof(iv), iv);
gcm_set_iv(&gcm, sizeof(iv), iv);
info.ctx = &gcm; info.ctx = &ctx;
info.update = (nettle_hash_update_func *) gcm_auth; info.update = (nettle_hash_update_func *) gcm_aes_auth; = data; = data;
display("gmac", "auth", GCM_BLOCK_SIZE, display("gmac", "auth", GCM_BLOCK_SIZE,
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