Commit 629fd5bd authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Added name mangling defines, and a few new declarations.

Rev: src/nettle/asn1.h:1.2
parent 82323812
......@@ -28,6 +28,17 @@
#include "nettle-types.h"
/* Name mangling */
#define asn1_der_iterator_first nettle_asn1_der_iterator_first
#define asn1_der_iterator_next nettle_asn1_der_iterator_next
#define asn1_der_decode_constructed nettle_asn1_der_decode_constructed
#define asn1_der_decode_constructed_last nettle_asn1_der_decode_constructed_last
#define asn1_der_decode_bitstring nettle_asn1_der_decode_bitstring
#define asn1_der_decode_bitstring_last nettle_asn1_der_decode_bitstring_last
#define asn1_der_get_uint32 nettle_asn1_der_get_uint32
#define asn1_der_get_bignum nettle_asn1_der_get_bignum
/* enum asn1_type keeps the class number and the constructive in bits
13-14, and the constructive flag in bit 12. The remaining 14 bits
are the tag (although currently, only tags in the range 0-30 are
......@@ -104,6 +115,19 @@ enum asn1_iterator_result
asn1_der_decode_constructed(struct asn1_der_iterator *i,
struct asn1_der_iterator *contents);
/* For the common case that we have a sequence at the end of the
object. Checks that the current object is the final one, and ten
reinitialize the iterator to parse its ontents. */
enum asn1_iterator_result
asn1_der_decode_constructed_last(struct asn1_der_iterator *i);
enum asn1_iterator_result
asn1_der_decode_bitstring(struct asn1_der_iterator *i,
struct asn1_der_iterator *contents);
enum asn1_iterator_result
asn1_der_decode_bitstring_last(struct asn1_der_iterator *i);
/* All these functions return 1 on success, 0 on failure */
asn1_der_get_uint32(struct asn1_der_iterator *i,
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