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Rev: src/nettle/.cvsignore:1.11
Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.143
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......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ core
2002-11-07 Niels Mller <>
* (SUBDIRS): Added tools.
(libnettle_a_SOURCES): Added sexp-transport-format.c,
sexp2bignum.c, sexp2dsa.c.
* sexp2dsa.c (dsa_keypair_from_sexp_alist, dsa_keypair_from_sexp):
New file, new functions.
* rsa2sexp.c (rsa_keypair_to_sexp): %s -> %z renaming.
* sexp-transport.c (sexp_transport_iterator_first): Fixed bug,
length was mishandled.
* sexp-transport-format.c (sexp_transport_format,
sexp_transport_vformat): New file, new functions.
* sexp-format.c (sexp_format): Return length of output. Allow
buffer == NULL, and onyl compute the needed length in this case.
Renamed %s to %z. New format specifiers %s, %i, and %l.
(sexp_vformat): New function.
(format_prefix): Rewrote to not use snprintf.
* sexp2rsa.c (rsa_keypair_from_sexp): New limit argument. Use
* dsa-keygen.c (dsa_generate_keypair): Added some newlines to
progress display. Use DSA_P_MIN_BITS.
* dsa.h (DSA_MIN_P_BITS): New constant (was DSA_MINIMUM_BITS).
(DSA_Q_OCTETS, DSA_Q_BITS): New constants.
(dsa_keypair_from_sexp_alist, dsa_keypair_from_sexp): New
* Output tools/Makefile.
* sexp2bignum.c (nettle_mpz_set_sexp): New file, and new function.
Moved from sexp2rsa.c:get_value.
* examples/io.c (read_rsa_key): New limit argument in
call of rsa_keypair_from_sexp_alist.
* examples/ (noinst_PROGRAMS): Removed sexp-conv.
* tools/sexp-conv.c: Moved file from examples directory.
* testsuite/ (TS_SH): New variable. Added
* testsuite/testutils.h (LDUP): New macro.
* testsuite/sexp2rsa-test.c (test_main): New limit argument in
call of rsa_keypair_from_sexp_alist.
* testsuite/sexp-test.c (test_main): Added test for lengths with
more than one digit. Added tests for transport mode decoding.
* testsuite/sexp-format-test.c (test_main): Added tests for %i and
* testsuite/sexp-conv-test: Moved test from examples directory.
Updated path to sexp-conv, now in ../tools/sexp-conv.
2002-11-03 Niels Mller <>
* sexp-format.c, sexp_format.c: Renamed sexp_format.c to
* (libnettle_a_SOURCES): Renamed sexp_format.c to
* examples/ Don't set CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS explicitly,
let automake handle that.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
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