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    > Fix problems entering conferences in the edit buffer: · 0159b7d5
    David Byers authored
    >       * completing-read.el (lyskom-default-conference-saved): Read the
    >       value of lyskom-read-conf-saved-inputs in the LysKOM buffer.
    >       (lyskom-read-conf-save-input): Same here.
    >       (lyskom-get-initial-conf-strategy): Print warning about missing
    >       strategy in LysKOM buffer.
    >       * vars.el.in (lyskom-read-conf-saved-inputs): Moved here from
    >       completing-read.el and made it buffer-local.
    >       * completing-read.el (lyskom-read-conf): Create dynamic binding of
    >       lyskom-current-command to lyskom-current-command or this-command
    >       so lyskom-read-conf-guess-initial has good data to operate on even
    >       if this-command is changed during execution of lyskom-read-conf.