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    Added add/subtract bindings. Moved english bindings around. · 095ae83e
    David Byers authored
    Cleaned up keybinding code.
    Detailed changes:
    > 	* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-sv-mode-map): Added prefix "a" for
    > 	add commands. Added bindings for add and subtract commands.
    > 	(lyskom-sv-mode-map): Commented out obsolesence bindings for a and
    > 	lv. Moved kom-rview-backward to å B from B. Cleaned up some.
    > 	* english-strings.el (lyskom-en-mode-map): Changed "A" to "h", so
    > 	"h" is now prefix for change commands. Added prefix "a" for add
    > 	and substract commands. Moved kom-review-backward to r b from B.
    > 	Moved a bunch of other important bindings with complete disregard
    > 	for all users who will surely be annoyed.
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