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    Update unreads in membership buffer. Position cursor correctly at end of command. · 1dcdc47e
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 2004-07-19  David Byers  <byers@lysator.liu.se>
    > 	Nicen up lyskom-end-of-command:
    > 	* command.el (def-kom-command): Use make-symbol, not intern, to
    > 	get an uninterned symbol for the macro. Added winsym to save
    > 	selected window.
    > 	(def-kom-emacs-command): Ditto.
    > 	(def-kom-command): Select the correct window for
    > 	lyskom-end-of-command so point can be moved to the end of the
    > 	prompt in that window.
    > 	(def-kom-emacs-command): Same here.
    > 	Fix problem tracking unreads in membership buffer:
    > 	* clienttypes.el (read-list-enter-text): When updating unreads,
    > 	pass conf-no, not conf-stat, to lp--maybe-update-unreads.
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