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    Membership-related improvements and bug fixes · 595e3bef
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 	* reading.el (lyskom-membership-list-move): Return non-nil if
    > 	moved.
    > 	(lyskom-replace-membership): Sort the to-do list if the membership
    > 	moved.
    > 	* mship-edit.el (lp--update-buffer): Use regular save-excursion
    > 	around the complete function, not lp--save-excursion.
    > 	* reading.el (lyskom-replace-membership): Make it actually work.
    > 	* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-binsearch-internal): Use elt, not aref,
    > 	so the thing can work on lists too -- searching for elt n in C is
    > 	a lot faster than linear search in lisp.
    > 	(lyskom-binsearch): Accept comparison function.
    > 	(lyskom-binsearch-internal): User-supplied comparison function.
    > 	* mship-edit.el (lp--mode-map): Added bindings for M-up and
    > 	M-down (same as M-p and M-n).
    > 	(lp--do-select-priority): Prompt for priority (defaults to
    > 	priority of current entry)
    > 	(lp--mode-map): M-# now bound to lp--deselect-priority
    > 	(lp--mode-map): M-w now bound to lp--select-region (my fingers
    > 	refuse to hit C-w when I don't want text to be deleted)
    > 	(lp--mode-map): Bound <home> and <end>
    > 	(lp--expand-entry): New function. Replaces lp--expand-all
    > 	(lp--contract-entry): New function. Replaces lp--contract-all
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