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    Fiddled with various release-related things. Fixes bugs 298, 299 · 740fa20c
    Joel Rosdahl authored
    and 300.
    * Makefile: Revamped and somewhat commented. Create three
    different kinds of distribution archives: 1. A "source" dist with
    configure + Makefile + separate .el files; 2. A single lyskom.el
    with all languages included; 3. A single lyskom.el with just one
    included language. Archives are named lyskom-elisp-client-*
    instead of lyskom-*. autoconf files config.{cache,log,status} are
    no longer included.
    * distribution-Makefile.in: Create file lists from the "developer"
    * distribution-configure.in: Make English the default language.
    * distribution-README: Removed.
    * distribution-README.begin: New file. Common begin text for
    source and non-source dists.
    * distribution-README.end: New file. Common end text for source
    and non-source dists.
    * distribution-README.install-nonsrc: New file. Installation
    instructions for non-source dists.
    * distribution-README.install-src: New file. Installation
    instructions for the source dist.
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