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    Support (and use) UTC time format in the protocol. · b0ede6b3
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 	Support UTC time in the server:
    > 	* startup.el (lyskom): Select UTC time format if the server
    > 	supports it.
    > 	* utilities.el (lyskom-set-connection-format): New function.
    > 	* parse.el (lyskom-parse-time): Use lyskom-create-time-from-utc.
    > 	Convert day-of-year to starting from one.
    > 	(lyskom-init-parse): Add the parse buffer as a child of the main
    > 	buffer so UTC setting is propagated to it.
    > 	* komtypes.el (lyskom-create-time-from-utc): Simplified. It seems
    > 	that the right thing to do is pass zero in TZ to encode-time. This
    > 	should speed things up slightly in normal cases. Handle case when
    > 	server does not use UTC.
    > 	* services.el: (initiate-get-last-text): Commented out since we
    > 	can't convert local time to UTC, which this function requires.