Commit 00c2d96f authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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* clienttypes.el (read-info-append-text-list): Använd text-list->append.

(read-list-delete-text): Använd text-list->delq.
parent 9323f902
......@@ -144,10 +144,7 @@
(defsubst read-info-append-text-list (read-info texts)
(nconc (read-info->text-list read-info)
(text-list->append (read-info->text-list read-info) texts))
(defsubst read-info-enter-text-last (read-info text-no)
(read-info-append-text-list read-info (list text-no)))
......@@ -250,12 +247,11 @@ TEXT-NO may be nil, in which case only empty read-infos on RLIST are removed."
(eq type 'REVIEW-MARK))))
(t ; Do change all other entries.
(let ((tl (read-info->text-list (car curr))))
tl (delq text-no (text-list->texts tl)))))))
(text-list->delq tl text-no)))))
;; Delete this element from RLIST if the text-list became or was empty.
(if (null (text-list->texts (read-info->text-list (car curr))))
(if (text-list->empty (read-info->text-list (car curr)))
(setcdr prev (cdr curr))
(setq prev curr))
(setq curr (cdr curr))))
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